Bella Baxter is a Curious Little Slut Who Craves Experience and Wisdom


Seeing Emma Stone play Bella Baxter in the new sci-fi fantasy movie “Poor things” was insatiable. Admittedly she’s been a celebrity crush of mine since her role in “Easy A”. I’m a Sucker for a carefree slut taking charge of her sexuality. So yeah, I might have imagined her naked a few times before. She’s got that sweet, petite body, tight waist, and a pretty smile. A cute, dorky, innocent, yet bratty attitude; the perfect combination for me to develop a raging lesbian boner, LOL. However, seeing her in this new movie made me crave her pussy like never before. I never thought I’d masturbate in public till now.

Truthfully, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. A friend invited me out to see the movie, but I had never even heard of it. Blindly agreed considering the main actress was my fantasy girl. Right away I was in awe. Bella Baxter, a man-made science experiment, was such a curious little slut. Younger in mind then her physical body and is pretty much fascinated with sex and self pleasure right from the start. Explored her little puffy pussy right at the dining table in front of the help. There, she was publicly masturbating, shamelessly ready to explore even more of her sexuality. I was enthralled, and my pussy began to throb.

My Finger Tips Were Craving To Be Between My Pussy Lips During The Whole Movie

Even writing about my excitement now has my pussy aching. I’ve been craving those puffy pussy lips for so long. Sitting there, watching her strip completely naked to explore her body, made my heart pound. Indeed, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to masturbate in public watching this. I can still feel the heat between my legs when I finally see her pretty petite tits. I got so wet, so quick. It was driving me crazy to be surrounded by all these people, entirely unable to pleasure myself. I wanted to play with myself in this theater while watching “Poor Things.”

The Look on her face when she felt her very first orgasm was beautiful. Gave me a bad craving. That’s when I realized just how badly I wanted to masturbate in public. I didn’t look away for a single second as I watched her ride her first cock… then her next… She started so innocent and sweet. But she sure could fuck like a horny little jackrabbit. Over time, her intelligence and curiosity grew, as did her craving to explore men. My fantasy girl, playing sweet, innocent Bella Baxter, eventually found herself at the whims of exploring a brothel in Paris. There I got to see this curious, naive girl turn into a deviant little slut. Ready to take as much cock as she could handle for the sake of physical and financial freedom.

One scene after the next, her body count rises. Tied up and Gall-gagged. Bent over and used. Sweaty bodies, seductive moans, and screams. All of it, paired with her pretty little “fuck me” face, was perfect for the camera and even better for my young, soaked, puffy pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I started masturbating secretly in the dark, surrounded by strangers.

Then I reached down and wiggled a finger between my slick pussy lips right there in the movie theater. Still thinking about the moment I masturbated in public makes me horny as fuck. Everyone around me was entirely unaware of how close I was pushing my pussy to the edge of the most thrilling orgasm I’ve ever had. I shoved my fingers in deeper as I watched this sweet little whore get railed. Couldn’t help but let out a slight, faint moan between my lips. I desperately tried to stay quiet and keep my arm as still as possible. But the lust for pleasure consumed me. Till my desire to cum was all I could seem to focus on.

I accidentally let out a moan that was a little too loud. That’s when the stranger next to me looked down. Realizing they caught me masturbating in public, I immediately panicked. But I couldn’t stop. He smiled and reached over to help me finish.

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