I’ve caught you wondering, deep, into my woods.


I’ve spent many years frolicking blissfully in my forest. Pampering my wings, and finding ways to lure men, like you, deep into my woods. You see, I may be tiny, but my majestic ways are powerful and hypnotic. I look innocent and sweet, yet here you are wondering alone in the woods, about to become a victim to the depraved cum-stealing fairy.

Cum, it’s magic is overlooked to the human eye. But, to a fairy like me…it’s everything. Usually I let the muggles pass through, not many catch my eye. But I smelled you the second you started wondering off all alone. All the herbs, leaves and sap in the world could never compare to the strong allure of leftover cum still stained inside your boxers from last night. You dirty, nasty boy. I must have you and drain you of everything you’ve got.

Your free-will is about to be stripped by a hypnotic fairy addicted to cum

See, I’ve learned a lot about men like you. I’ve spent centuries luring men in so I may take their sweet nectar. Overall living life as a cum-stealing fairy I’ve learned the most efficient way to get the most cum from you is through complete and utter submission. Mind, body, and soul.

Fairy-cum has strong hypnotic magic. My creamy concoction spread throughout the woods paired with my small, sweet whispers will be more than enough to draw you in. Can’t you hear me? Just a sweet innocent fairy singing her song. A tiny sparkling goddess, daring you to cum closer. willing you towards me with the power of pussy and divine beauty.

In no time you’re right where I want you. Brainless and overcome with the immense desire to jack off right here and now. You aren’t able to control yourself, there’s nothing you can do to stop this strong desire. Between my creamy potion and hypnotic songs, my sweet fairy lips have you entirely compelled to bend to my will. This cum stealing fairy is unlike any goddess you’ve met before. Your hand mindlessly makes its way to your giant cock and you’ll start mercilessly jerking off just for me. Giving me everything I’ve wanted.

Cum to me, my potion is almost complete.

I can see it in your eyes, the confusion paired with utter brain-dead desperation. Sure, you may be doing it against your will. But I can tell you’ve got great devotion, willing to do anything for your sweet cum-stealing fairy. Keep listening to my voice, smell my majestic cunt and let my potion fill your senses.

The rest of the fairies watch as you happily submit and let me coerce you toward your peak. Don’t stop, keep going. It’s all you can hear while I keep you nearing the edge as my entranced, gooning slave. This is the best way to ensure I get the most cum from your balls. You’re encompassed by your need to please your sweet fairy cumslut and look at you, you’re doing so well. But I’m a cum-stealing fairy and once you’ve been fully drained you’ll have no more use for me. Till then I’ll keep you in my prison of passion for as long as you can last.

Here it cums, The orgasm I’ve been longing for.

There it is, I can see it on your face and smell the cum about to explode. I approach your cock and wrap my little fairy arms around it. Moving my naked body up and down hastily, assisting with your pleasure. Milking you for all your worth, to ensure not a single drop is wasted. In no time you begin screaming out in pleasure. This cum stealing fairy is about to get exactly what she needs. Your load shoots out violently. Me and all the other fairy cumsluts happily collect every drop of it, some of them gathering it in their mouths. Savoring the delightful taste of your juices.

Before we let you go, we sing our song and wipe the memory of our gooning magic away from your mind. Of course, your aching cock will always remember these woods, but you’ll be unsure why. Perhaps, if you’re lucky though, I might catch you wandering around all alone again… Afterall, now you know right where to find me and such intoxicating pleasure you’ll never find elsewhere.

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