Santa is just a pervert, with a fat sack and a nasty somnophilia fetish


Come on, are we still going to pretend like some old fat fuck is innocently invading homes for the sake of spreading “holiday” joy? You think he doesn’t get tempted by desires when he sees your wife sleeping, in nothing but her panties? His fat sack, is desperate to explode in your home…and probably right on your wife’s face too. Because the truth is, Santa’s naughty fetish has him enslaved to depraved desires.

Last Christmas I caught him jerking off at the edge of my bed.. I open my eyes slightly, catching a glimpse of his fat cock. I could feel my panties were pulled down to my ankles, I laid there silently. Just listening as he finished all over the sheets next to my exposed pussy. After he left, I couldn’t resist the desire to taste Santa’s jolly jizz. It was the most delicious cum I’ve ever tasted. Since then I’ve been counting the days to his return…

Some naughty desires deserve punishment.

First of all, only a depraved pervert enjoys the sight of a sleeping body enough to get off on the lifeless enthusiasm. Second, what kind of a careless idiot goes around wasting such magnificent cum like that? Since that slight taste of magic, all I could think of is… how much cum does he really have in those balls? And what is it going to take to drain him of all his worth? Santa’s naughty fetish for a sleeping MILF tucked in at night has left me to devise the perfect plan for revenge. A Plan, only a true cum-hungry whore would think of. After all, his reckless cum-wasting endeavors & depraved desires need to be punished.

This Christmas, all I want is cum and my revenge.

On Christmas Eve, I put up the perfect trap. Set the cookies out next to a pair of dirty panties & added a special ingredient in his milk… No pervert could resist this. With anticipation growing in my pussy, I laid down, and pretended to be the perfect prey for a sick fuck who loves a sleeping beauty.

In no time, Santa’s naughty fetish had him gawking over my sleeping cunt. He laid the gifts out of course, cock already bulging past his belt buckle as he tried to be as sneaky as he could. I can tell the thrill of being caught, alone, gets that sick fuck nice and hard. He walked over to the table with fresh cookies and cream. Slipping my dirty panties into his pocket, I watched him from behind as he lifted the glass of milk and took a big gulp of my special concoction. Within seconds the fat man was down and out cold.

Now’s my chance to show Santa how naughty MY cum fetish really is…

He awoke, chained up and defenseless. His balls are nice and full…Surely ready to give the gift that keeps on giving. With My mouth watering, ready to take it all…I couldn’t help but laugh at him in such a defenseless state. Santa’s naughty fetish might be bad, but I promise my lust for cum is far worse. I step towards him, heels sharpened ready to punish him for his depravities & take my revenge by whatever means necessary…

Want to know how far I was willing to go to get all the cum I deserved that night? Give me a call & I’ll tell you all about the night I kidnapped & stole Santa’s load. No man could endure such intense edging and ball-aching torture… not even you. But I’ll do whatever I must to ensure I get the absolute most cum from your fat sack. Because truth is… that’s all you’re worth to me when you’re nothing but a poor, depraved pervert.

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