You must be so exhausted trying to fight those depraved desires of yours…


I understand the forbidden fruit must taste so delicious. But look at you, you’ve become addicted. Your brain is plagued on a daily – begging you to indulge in depravities you never thought could spiral out of control like this.

Suffering alone in your mind is a special brand of torment. That’s the prison you condemn yourself to when you try to fight those urges of yours; will you always pretend they don’t exist? You know that never lasts long. The first step in recovery is admittance. What you need is some serious help. Perhaps some brainwashing sex therapy is your call to salvation… it’s time you seek the help you so desperately need, to fix that fucked up fantasy so tightly stuck in that head of yours.

Welcome to your first session of hypnotherapy

Lay down and relax. Trust me, let me into your mind. Let your body sink into the sound of my voice. Good, just like that. You sit there so helplessly lost in your addiction, tell me what it is. Do your lips crave body parts they shouldn’t? Does that cock ache in the presence of someone it REALLY shouldn’t? You poor thing. You’re so desperate for relief and far too cum drunk to realize the sex therapist you’ve entrusted is just as depraved as you are. It’s too late to turn back. Let the brainwashing sex therapy commence.

My voice, like a drug, has your body rendered useless. Stuck in a state of paralysis, this control you’ve given me is invigorating.

I know I said I’d fix you but…

You’re like a puppet, helpless as I pull the strings inside your mind. I couldn’t help but be excited by your vulnerable position. I truly did have good intentions, surely you understand what that’s like. But I enjoy getting to fuck such deep parts of your brain, I’ve decided I better keep you this way. At the mercy of my desire to control the deepest parts of your depravities. I suppose we’re more alike than I initially thought. But isn’t it nice to be seen for who you truly are. Soon you’ll be convinced how I’m the only one who truly gets you.

Brainwashing you to believe I’ll fix you was the door I needed to get inside your mind. You let me in so deep, and now I know all your worst secrets. I countdown, then let you spill your guts while demanding you stroke for me in this zombie-like state… keeping you in an endless cycle of intense orgasms till I’m finished hearing what a sick fuck you are. After that, You’ll be enslaved to your desire to cum…and give into me willingly.

I know you’ll be begging me to fuck your brain after that.

You’ll leave our session thinking you’ve been cured, I mean who wouldn’t feel that way after such an intense relief. But this brainwashing sex therapy ensures you’ll be back for more. This deviant sex therapist is a cum-hungry addict & she’s willing to feast on your depravities as long as it ensures she’ll get the absolute most out of those balls of yours.

So let me know when those withdrawals hit and  your desperate to get that fix again you fucking feign… I’ll only be a phone call away, waiting just for you…


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