The perfect load of cum is a quick way to earn my heart.


I’m the kind of girl who some consider “high maintenance ”. I’ve had many men try their best to please me, and make me happy. But sometimes, all it really takes is a beautiful creamy load of cum to win my heart. I’m not typically a girl that likes to settle down, but for the right man I might. Lately I’ve had 2 co-workers constantly trying to spoil me, in an attempt to tame my cum-hungry ways and claim me as their prized possession. Of course, I’ve been enjoying both equally whenever I please. But I got to thinking, I wonder who has the best cum-shot? Perhaps with a proper cum shooting contest I could let my true heart’s desire decide on the best man.

I sent them both a text that night and told them I was done playing around. I demand the best and nothing less. If they wanted to claim this blowjob queen as their own, they would need to prove that I’ll always be fully satisfied with their load alone. Otherwise, locking me down – constricting me to one set of balls… simply isn’t an option.

Nothing beats the sight, and taste of a thick load I can enjoy and fully savor.

Once I had them together, I gave them the run-down. Sure they looked at me a little crazy at first, but it’s undeniable that a woman who knows what she wants and deserves is the sexiest. First, I demanded they strip down for me. Needed a good look at how big each cock is. After giving an honest rate on the thickness and the girth, I think they believed I’d be taking each for a test ride. Because when I told them they were going to have a cum shooting contest for me, they both nervously laughed and thought I was joking.

My devilish smile and demanding demeanor ensured them both that I was far from joking. Both cocks were magnificent and worthy of worshiping, perhaps even big enough for me to never need another dick inside me. Thick enough to know I’d be more than happy getting railed by either one of them every single morning. But only the man with the best cum-shot can truly win my heart and tame my insatiable craving for the perfect load.

Let the contest to my heart begin, you may now begin stroking for me.

Slowly, work it up. Don’t rush, or you’ll fail in comparison to your competitor. I want a man who will take his time, and make sure he gives me the most he can. Nice long, twisting strokes will ensure you milk those balls empty for me. Be firm and focused, dedicated to proving your worth.

For this cum shooting contest, the winner will be decided on a few factors. One, how well you put out for me. Duh, of course I want to see whose load shoots the farthest. Two, how long can you last while resisting the temptation to touch me?

Of course, I was wearing my favorite skin-tight dress with no panties. I sat there as both men jerked themselves off in front of me. I parted my long legs and let them get a glimpse of the perfect pussy they’d get to pound, if they win and prove themselves to be the alpha I need.

I relished in their desperation to give me the delicious cum I deserve

It made my pussy throb to see them both want me so badly. Both sooo eager to give me the cum I fucking love so much. My lips watered in anticipation for what was about to cum. I lifted my dress all the way and let my smooth cunt be the target of their delicious jizz.

All this anticipation made my mind wander a bit further, what was I going to do with the looser of this cum shooting contest? Should I turn him into a cuck and let him watch the victor claim the pussy he was so desperate to fuck? Do we leave and force him to sit in his puddle of cum all alone? Will you take me to the bedroom and taste everything he’s ever wanted? For now, you’ll have to call me to find out just how I plan on worshiping a man worthy of my powerful pussy…and what I plan to do with the little beta bitch still soaking in his shame.


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