Sometimes my mouth just needs a cock to suck and drain


I try my best to be a good girl, I really do. But that inner slut can’t help herself sometimes and sucking off a stranger while on vacation was exactly the ego boost I needed to let her go wild. Spontaneous adventures are always the best, besides, I needed to have some fun away from all the bullshit.

I didn’t intend to go slut myself around, but I can’t help but get a little carried away sometimes. Giving great head is something I pride myself on. The satisfaction I get in taking a man’s load down my throat is invigorating. Getting lost in a moment with a cock down my throat is something I’ll never get sick of. In fact, I find it meditative at times, you could call it “sustenance for a slut” haha I love it.

I met a handsome stranger at the hotel bar who made my mouth water and my mind wander

I couldn’t help but overhear the drunken conversation he was having with his buddies. One of them boasted about nutting all over some girl in the back of a bus after getting off the plane. It’s the kind of conversation you can’t help but listen to. But what really intrigued me was the handsome stranger with a ring on his finger. The who expressed his disappointing lack of experience with previous blowjobs. “I’ve never been able to finish from head alone.” At that moment, I decided if there was ever a time to be a whore, now’s a pretty good time. Hell, sucking off a stranger for the sake of giving him a proper blowjob sounded too damn good to pass up.

Truthfully I didn’t give a fuck about the ring. I’m articulate in what I do, to ensure I get what I want. I hear a man say he’s never had a good blowjob and suddenly my lust for his cum consumes me. So, I waited for the perfect moment to sneak in and crack enough jokes to steal him away from all his depraved buddies. Our conversations were great, intoxicating enough for him to open up to me right away. Suddenly sucking off a stranger became my only goal for the night.

Seducing the stranger back to my hotel room was far too easy

Perhaps if his wife hadn’t deprived him of good head, it wouldn’t have been so easy to steal him away from her room that night. We talked for hours, flirting and letting the sexual tension build to a breaking point. When he finally got the courage to taste my lips, I made sure to kiss him in a way that lingered. Ensuring he’d crave my mouth enough to forget about that pretty ring on his finger. The heat was overwhelming, I could tell he needed some air.

We sat across from one another on the balcony, passing a joint back and forth. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. Leaning forward gave me perfect reach to his zipper… I looked up at him for confirmation, to solidify what I already knew: he wanted this just as bad as I did.

Sucking off a stranger I never met before was always a fantasy of mine. Once I had his cock in mouth, my mind melted away. This blowjob would be the best he’s ever had, and I was going to make damn sure of it. Soft, subtle licks and wet kisses around the tip made his dick throb and grow for me. I let the slobber drip down far enough so I could stroke him slightly. Make him melt in my hand, forget the world around him, and just enjoy the pleasure. Listening to his moans let me learn his body in seconds.

as a blowjob expert I knew the perfect way to suck him to the edge

I could tell he was getting close, and my determination grew stronger the closer he got to exploding for me. Keeping the pace with enthusiasm, then letting him slide all the way down my throat to ensure every drop hit the back. Swallowing it all pridefully. Of course I cleaned him up with my tongue before sending him back to his wife. But I’ll shamelessly admit that, sucking off a stranger was simply the start of my vacation… things only got messier from there. Spend some time with me and ask me about it, I’ll tell you even more about my slutty sexcapades while I was on vacation.


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