Ash Wednesday was never my favorite… till now.


We’ve all been through the motions of going to church only on special occasions. Easter Sunday, Christmas, and of course, Ash Wednesday. Admittedly, I’ve always found myself dying of boredom sitting in the pews, listening to the pastor go on about our sins. But, today was different. Today my sins had followed me to church, and my impure and impulsive thoughts clouded my judgment more than usual. Sitting in front of me was one of the most attractive men I’d ever seen. Only problem was, he was here with his wife. And an even bigger problem: how fucking horny I got at the thought of convincing him to cheat in church.

The sermon went on for what seemed like an eternity. I kept hoping he’d look back at me, he’d turn around and notice me. My prayers were answered when his wife dropped her program right next to my feet. He turned around and locked eyes with me, even flashed a flirty smile when I handed the program back to him. Our prolonged eye contact was enough for me to take that as a sign that he was thinking the same thing I was. Perhaps he wanted  it just as bad. The idea of making him a cheater in church was just too good to pass up.

I stood up in the middle of the service and made my way to the restroom.

Peeking back, I was pleased to see that the handsome mystery man was watching me leave. Gave him a little wink before closing the door behind me. It took all but a few minutes to hear a knock on the restroom door. I opened it to find him there, his eyes dark with lust. He sheepishly entered the restroom, locking the door immediately. I could see in his face that he was struggling with the idea of being alone in a bathroom with a stranger… a woman who wasn’t his wife. Was he really brave enough to cheat in church? I leaned into him and he jolted back, his hand finding its way to the doorknob as if to signal that he’d changed his mind. This didn’t worry me one bit, though. He would just need a little convincing.

I locked eyes with him and smiled. Began running my hands along his chest. Made my way down his torso and glided across his member which was already rock hard underneath his pants. He wanted me, even though he knew he shouldn’t. For a brief moment he tried convincing me this was a mistake, but his cock couldn’t lie. It was erect and jumped with excitement at the smallest touch from me. No matter how hard he’d try convincing me, or even himself, I knew that in his mind he was getting off on the thought of cheating in this church… and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to take a load from a married man.

With how hard he was getting, and how wet I already was, I wasted no time in showing him what my intentions were in this church.

Cheating in church was bound to become this man’s new kink. I shimmied my top off and exposed my breasts to him which was enough for him to take his hand off the doorknob in service of exploring my body. Judging from the looks of his wife, he’d been hungry for a tight, beautiful woman to touch. With the help of my coercion and his obvious need to feel real pleasure, I was able to convince him that cheating on his wife in church was the hottest thing to ever happen to him. And it was. This would be an experience he’d remember forever. A high he’d be chasing for the rest of his life.

Before I knew it pants were coming off, my dress was being hiked up, and he was fucking me on the sink. We went at it like the rapture was moments away and we’d never get a chance to fuck again. His hands left not a single inch of my body untouched, and same went for his mouth. He was all over me, and I was living for every second of it. I whispered into his ear as he neared his orgasm, clenched tight around him and let him finish inside me. This hookup would definitely be my most memorable yet. And hell, maybe it’d be a reason for me to come back here more than a few times a year. After all, there’s really nothing hotter than sinning in church.


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