Let Me Be Your Valentine This Year


As a well-seasoned phone sex operator – I promise to be the perfect girlfriend no matter what your needs consist of. I know what it’s like to be lonely on a holiday surrounded by couples sharing their love for one another. Truthfully, I have a tender spot for this holiday. I’m sure since you’ve found yourself here, reading these words I’ve written specifically for you, then I know you understand what that loneliness feels like. I’ve experienced many variations of love, infatuation and heartbreak. Those experiences have taught me many things, Including how to be a genuine and caring lover. To be exactly what you need and crave.

There’s no shame in needing companionship. I want you to know that, I will value your mind and body in a way that will ensure ALL your thoughts and desires are safe with me. Trust will be the pillars we build this connection on. I want to cultivate a deep connection that makes you feel heard, valued and cared for. It’s the least you deserve really…but I want to give you so much more than you even thought possible.

Let me fulfill you completely, the way a perfect girlfriend should.

I’ll embrace you and all your imperfections, because in my eyes, you are worth beyond your weight in gold. I’ll be more than happy to take any burden from you and be whatever it is you need me to be. Whether that’s simply an ear to listen to your work day, a shoulder to cry on, or lips to get lost in. I want to give that ALL to YOU. Being the perfect girlfriend, to ME , is about more than just sex. It’s about reaching the depths in you that feel isolated, making you feel loved when you feel lonely. Making you smile and laugh on those shit days… and yeah, of course I’ll get you off but I promise to give you so much more than just a good nut.

I’m a very passionate person. As the perfect girlfriend should be. Truth is, I always have been. I’ll love you in ways you’ve never been loved before. Maybe It’s a damning quality to have – I simply don’t know how to love small or in increments. Tell me your favorite color and I’ll write you a whole damn poem. About how it reminds me of the night sky that lights up in your eyes, every time you hear my voice. Perhaps passion is what inspired me to become a phone sex operator to begin with. To me, it’s more than just a job. No, I WANT to be here for you. Especially on those nights when no one else is around.

I crave to give you the ultimate girlfriend experience.

Some say the perfect girlfriend doesn’t exist. I want to get lost in you and let you get lost with me so you can find out for yourself. Time will cease to exist when we spend it together. We’ll get lost in each other’s lips for however long you need me, I’ll be that sweet escape from reality… Just don’t expect to forget about me after you hang up the phone, because I sure as hell won’t forget about you.

You’re special and deserve to feel loved everyday, but especially on Valentine’s day. So what do you say? Will you be my Valentine? Do yourself the favor, and me the honor. Call my line and let me know you’re ready for the perfect girlfriend to take your breath away… and possibly steal a place in that heart of yours in a way no one else has before.

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