Disgusting Confessions From The Most Depraved Perverts Amuse Me


All those fucked up thoughts are a heavy burden to carry, aren’t they? You spill your guts to me, out of desperation for relief, in hopes I’ll give you the depraved slut you’ve been craving. Instead your met with laughter and an evil little bitch ready to tell you what a sick fuck you are. I don’t sugar coat shit, I thrive from tormenting perverted pigs with impulse control no better than that of a feral animal. And that’s exactly what you are, aren’t you? Nothing but a feral fucking pig on the inside.

I smell a filthy, depraved piggy lurking.

The stench of your twisted desires is all I could smell the second I heard your voice. The darkness within you is a playground for my wicked amusement. So, oink for me like a good piggy and tell me those fucked up desires of yours. Each confession brings light to the darkest pits of your mind. A reflection of the disgusting pig that lurks within. Oh how I revel in the chaos of it all, feeding off the filth that emanates from your very being. I’ve been longing to torment a perverted pig like you, for some time now.

There are some sick fucks, like you, who deserve no mercy. You are nothing but a filthy, depraved piggy. And I am the master of your torment.

Using the confessions that spill from your lips like a loaded handgun. Ready to aim every single bullet right at your cock. Come on, Don’t be scared. Don’t bitch out just yet. Afterall, you might still get to cum. No promises I won’t make you regret giving me every single drop though. Tormenting perverted pigs such as yourself is a true psychological art form. And as an artist myself…

I promise I’ll take my sweet time torturing your perverted mind AND balls.

Honestly, I prefer a firm psychological form of torment. However that doesn’t mean I won’t get my hands dirty, or even bloody, if need be. In fact, perhaps some desires are so fucked up, that the perverted pig deserves a brutally painful, castration. Hahaha the sheer panic building in you from the tantalizing threat of chopping off your balls amuses me greatly. I can imagine your whimpering cries already. Those screams of powerless desperation make my pussy throb just thinking about it.

So when the desperation to conceal your true self becomes unbearable. Oink for me, my little piggy. Be brave enough to confess what a raunchy pervert you are. Let the darkness hiding within you make its way to the surface. I’ll drag darkness out of you, you didn’t even know existed. Tormenting perverted pigs is an art form which I have mastered.

Willing to be my next twisted masterpiece? ready to be shaped and molded to my wicked will…by whatever means necessary? If so, prepare yourself for the most shameful orgasm you’ll ever have. Call me and let me know the perverted piggy is ready to endure what he deserves.

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