I sadistically enjoy a sub whose willing to show their dedication in the most extreme ways


I’ve been a Mistress to many. Played with lots of piggies and pain sluts, sissy boys, and good little cucks who know their place… But this is a story about a sweet masochistic sub of mine who showed extreme dedication above all others. He pushed boundaries most would never dare to endure. Torture that was so good, I’d never question his loyalty. This is a story of the most dedicated little pain slut I own.

He started off with a proper Introduction. I could practically smell the desperation seeping from his lips, “I know my place as a man and will do anything to please a woman.” my wicked smile grew slowly, “anything to make you laugh, and smile. Anything to prove my worth to you.”

They always say you should be careful what you wish for…

It’s not enough to say “I’ll do anything to please you.” Of course, I have to put that to the test. Are you as Extremely dedicated as you claim to be? He collapsed to his knees and began worshiping my pretty toes…which is great, but that word “anything” is dangerous. If anything is on the table, then let’s not waste time spoiling you with my perfect feet. Treats like that must be earned. Instead, I demand he strip down, and let me get a good look at the body which I now possess ownership over.

His nakedness and utter vulnerability amuses me…but I wanted to watch panic take over in his eyes. I wanted to watch his body squirm and shiver, as he reconsiders what he’s gotten himself into. Was he as extremely dedicated as he thought? I pulled the knife from my back pocket, exploding a nice slick blade. I pinned him down beneath my foot and pressed the tip of the blade on his chest. Slowly dragging it across his skin, I carved my name into his torso. I watched the blood drip down and relished in his puny whimpers. Before I was finished making a beautiful mess out of him, I licked what was mine, tasting his torn up flesh. He thanked me properly, but I could tell he was dedicated enough to endure more.

The sheer thrill of eliciting extreme pain from a willing victim makes my pussy throb

It’s invigorating…intoxicating…easy to get lost in the rush of things. Perhaps I got carried away, but this vow of extreme dedication simply made me crave the edge of boundaries…Truthfully he had been such a good bitch thus far, mumbling words of encouragement between his cries. Practically egging me on… I was impressed that the little pain slut actually wanted more. How far was too far?

In the depths of sadistic pleasure, I found myself entwined with a masochistic sub whose dedication surpassed all others. His willingness to endure extreme torment ignited a fire within me, pushing the boundaries of pain and pleasure to new heights. A craving for the edge of boundaries unknown. With each cry and whimper, his devotion only fueled my insatiable hunger for more. In the midst of our twisted dance, I realized that the line between pleasure and pain blurred into a symphony of ecstasy, where his utter surrender became my ultimate triumph.


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