a Cuckold Christmas Story of How The Grinch Stole Pussy From Santa


Every who down in who-ville liked Christmas a lot: but the grinch with revenge on his mind, packing a big cock – did not. Perhaps he was jealous that Santa had all the fun on Christmas night. After all, he knew Santa’s secret… he knew what a nasty pervert he was, while pretending to be a jolly gift to the fucking world. Stuffing his sack with dirty panties from pussy’s everywhere. What a sick fuck Santa truly is. The Grinch knew that his plan would require more than just stealing presents or causing havoc. He needed to strike at the heart of Santa’s happiness, and that meant targeting Mrs. Claus. Now, Cuckolding Santa is all Mr. Grinch wants for Christmas this year.

It’s All About Showing Santa Who The Better, Bigger, Man Really is.

Sure, it would be fun to fuck Mrs. Clause behind her husband’s back. But this was about proving a point. Afterall, It would be far more satisfying for Santa to walk in while Mrs. Clause is slobbering all over a bigger, better cock. He wanted to steal her pussy more than anything and show Santa what it looks like when you’ve got more than a tiny little candy cane-sized penis shoved up that old cunt.

Seducing a deprived pussy like that isn’t hard. Everyone knows fat men have tiny, insignificant cocks. Besides, Santa is too invested into everyone except his wife to know how unsatisfied she really is. He claims to know all your untold desires, but yet hasn’t been able to find her g-spot in decades. His piss poor attempt to keep his wife happy in the bedroom died years ago. Cuckolding Santa would be a gift he didn’t even know he needed himself, what a pleasure to get to hear his wife scream like that again.

He snuck into the open window, ready to give Mrs. Clause a white Christmas she’d never forget

She laid peacefully on the bed, awaiting her husband’s return. Mr. Grinch Smiled, then he growled, with his Grinch fingers nervously drumming, “I must find a way to keep this Christmas whore cumming.” …..He snuck right in, under those dark sheets, slithered right between her thighs with perfectly smooth ease. A little lick and taste was all it would take, her pussy opened right up, as her legs began to shake. He worked his way up & pulled out his cock, she caught a glimpse of green hair in the moonlight; but begged him not to stop.
The grinch heard a door open and he quickly shoved himself inside as deep and as hard as he could. “Ho, ho, ho! I’m back, my love!”

I’ll skip formalities and let you know, that old bitch was beyond eager to fuck a big beautiful, colored cock…because the pleasure was far too good to let that fat fuck, with a tiny dick stop her from cumming all over a cock that was finally able to fill her, stretch her out and please her to full capacity. Cuckolding Santa with Mr. Grinch’s big hairy, manly cock was the best orgasm she’s never had. That poor pathetic fuck just stood there, dumbfounded and ashamed at how hard his tiny pecker was growing for the vindictive pussy thief.

That cheating whore turned her Jolly Husband into a sad, pathetic cuck.

She told Santa to sit the fuck down, as a good cuck should… and enjoy the best that has yet to cum. Cuckolding Santa taught valuable lessons that night. That if you don’t please your bitch, you better be ready to step aside. Because there’s always a stronger-willed man, with a bigger cock ready to do the job in which you’re too weak to uphold. It’s your duty to become the cuck and if you don’t know how, call me & I’ll put you in your place. I’ll gladly turn you into the cuck you deserve to be.


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