Some secrets are agonizing to keep silent.


I had the biggest lesbian crush on the new girl. She had beautiful blond hair, a sassy but sweet attitude, and tits far too big for her good. So yeah, even though we became best friends over the years. I had always secretly wanted to fuck her. Of course, I didn’t tell her I wanted to fuck my best friend; she always seemed so focused on getting dicked down. I walked in on it a few times and I’m not going to lie; I’d go to the other room afterward and get myself off thinking about it.

I played with my pussy many times alone in bed. Thinking about what it would be like to have a cock, and get to feel the inside of her pussy. My mouth watered, thinking of what she might taste like. We’d cuddle in bed sometimes, platonically, of course, and It would drive me mad if I could smell her sweaty cunt… Resisting her pussy made mine throb in agony. I wanted to fuck my best friend so bad, and she had no clue.

Life works in mysterious ways, and secrets always have a way of cumming out…

Over the years, we grew apart. Sure, I still had thoughts, fantasies of what it would have been like if I had fucked my best friend. But figured it was best to let that one go until one day, I was out shopping for a new strap-on harness at my favorite sex shop. I was about to get back into my car when hers pulled up. What a pleasant surprise. She smiled when she saw me; we connected as if no time had passed, exchanged numbers, and right as I went to open my car door, the fucking bag broke open. Out drops the new double-sided dildo I bought. She picked it up and looked at me. Gave me a wicked smirk and said, “Need some help breaking that in?”

Truthfully, I didn’t think she was serious. Still, it made my pussy flutter with excitement briefly. I laughed it off and invited her to my place for a smoke and munchies. Felt so good to get lost with her again, to laugh with her and her pussy still smelled fucking incredible. I lay there with my head resting against hers and decided I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass me up again. I wanted to fuck my best friend and was determined to know what she tasted like finally.

We hung out for hours, bull-shitting and downing shot after shot. I played some music and danced. Clothes began coming off one by one, and the next thing I knew, we were having a whole fashion show in our panties. It seemed to be some innocent drunk fun between girls…

But things between me and my best friend heated up pretty quickly.

She put her leg in-between mine and began grinding her pussy on me. Was that a sign? Did she want me to? Fuck it, I thought to myself. I snatched her waist, pulling her in closer and grinding my pussy as close to hers as I could get… the sheer lace was practically nothing between our clits, and I could feel how fucking wet she was already. She wanted to fuck her best friend as bad as I wanted to fuck mine; I could tell…her body told me everything I needed to know.

I threw her down on the bed and offered to dick her down with my strap-on. But instead, she said, “I just want to feel your wet clit on mine”…I had been waiting so long to hear those words; my pussy was practically creaming already. I fucked my best friend for hours, making her cum again and again… covering each other in deliciousness.

Want to hear the rest of the juicy details on how I fucked my best friend? You’ll have to call me; some secrets are too nasty to spill out in the open… and if you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll even get to play with us together.

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