RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Hotel Bar Hookup

Hotel Bar Hookup – Sexy Stranger Has Me So Turned On and Ready

I always enjoy traveling for work. The boss puts me in nice hotels and they alwa...

Wealthy Bukkake Party

Wealthy Bukkake Party – Powerful Businessmen Pay To Cover Me in Cum.

Men tend to throw themselves at me. Not only that, but they are willing to pay w...

Basket of Love Fruit

Basket of Love Fruit – Forbidden Fruits Causes Mother-Son Love Affair

My aunt is always so caring and loving with me. She is bringing me a basket of l...

Comforting Sexy MILF

Comforting Sexy MILF – Ready To Give Adult Babies Loving They Need.

Where are my adult baby boys? I know you are out there searching for the best co...

Hot Boss Office Sex

Hot Boss Office Sex – My Underlings Don’t Want To Say No to My Big Tits

I love being the sexy boss. In fact, I love abusing it with my underlings. Weari...

Sexy Smoking MILF

Sexy Smoking MILF – Lighting My Fag While We Drink and Talk Dirty.

There is something so relaxing about lighting up as I drink my whiskey and chat ...

Busty MILF Forcing Intoxication

Busty MILF Forcing Intoxication – You Will Do What I Tell You Sissy Bitch.

Don’t be such a fucking pussy! You can try and hide all your life but sexy...

Naughty Neighbor Panty Thief

Naughty Neighbor Panty Thief – Caught Him Sniffing and Now Control Him.

When our new neighbors were moving in, I went over to introduce myself to him an...

Sexy Short Skirt

Sexy Short Skirt and Tiny Panties Keep You Coming Back for More.

I see how you look at my ass when I am walking away from you. Hell, I don’...

Hot Giantess Adventures

Hot Giantess Adventures – Turning Sexy Men Into Tiny Little Pleasure Toys.

Coming across this machine was just random. And, I never thought I would use it ...


Sensual MILF GFE – I Will Be the Best Girlfriend, Listener, and Lover!

Life can be hectic and overwhelming. Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to...

Time For A Change

Time for a Change of That Dirty Diaper and I Am the Best MILF for That.

How is mommy’s sweet baby boy doing today? Look at that handsome face. Whe...

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