When men want and crave me, all they have to do is lay down and sleep. Then they come to my place. Well, my seductive dream world meant for us to play together.

In this magical place, deep in our subconscious realms, they can have me any way they want. Of course, I also get them any way I want them. For us, it is a dreamland in more ways than one.

Here, I am the girl they are craving all day long but can’t get to when their lady is around. Once they close their eyes, I am waiting to please them. I take their hand and we are off to play.

In this seductive dream world, we can be or do it all without anyone telling us no.

Additionally, my guys can be who they want to be inside this perfect world. If they are fantasizing about a bigger dick, they can have it here. Or, if they have secrets, now is the time to share them.

Therefore, if you dream of having me as your lady, you can now tell me the truth. Furthermore, if it means we have to get rid of your wife, we will do that in this world.

Nothing stands in the way of our happiness and sexual pleasures here in my seductive dream world. Perhaps, you want to bring her into our fun? Is that the case?

I will happily share you with her.

Do you want to see me eat your wife’s pussy and make her my lesbian lover as you are put your hard rod inside me? Mmm…doesn’t that sound hot?! My pussy is getting so wet right now.

I know some of you dream of a romantic getaway with just the two of us. Of course, I love that idea. You and I flying to a tropical island and making love on a beach.

Good use of our seductive dream world time, don’t you think? You and I spending time in a warm, beautiful place.  While there, we are making love all day and night!

That is why I have the seductive dream world.

Not only is it a safe place, but it is also a place with no boundaries. When you come there to meet me, we can do everything and anything together. And, I know a lot of you have different fantasies.

Some see this sexy huge tit MILF and want the hot mommy fantasy. Trust me, I am the ultimate mom by day and dirty slut by night. You are getting the best of both worlds with me.

So when you meet me in our seductive dream world, I will be there during the day as the perfect wife and mom. Then, at night, we can get wild and kinky in our bedroom.

In our private place, I am the ultimate sexy woman for you.

Do you want me on my knees when you get home from work? I will be wearing my sexiest lingerie when you walk through that door. Down on my knees and ready to suck your cock.

I wrap my hand around the shaft and let my lips slide over the head. You feel my wet tongue start to work over the ridges. Let go of all that stress, Daddy. Then, you pull me up and bite my lip.

What happens next is up to you…call me for some of the best phone sex ever!

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