My mind is constantly running through the fantasies. All around me are these tasty hot meat sticks hanging on my son’s friend’s bodies. Of course, with them come the young cheerleaders too.

As an insanely provocative and dirty-minded woman, I am always processing the things I can do with them. And, I see them looking at me and doing the same.

It is so much fun to share these fantasies with you during our smoking hot calls. My taboo phone sex is like nothing you have ever experienced before. I bring huge climaxes to my callers.

Of course, we can talk about more than those tasty hot meat sticks.

Although, I know some of you are wondering what they are like. Hot young studs, hung or not hung, right? Lucky for me, we have a swimming pool that is the hangout spot.

All the football players, cheerleaders and everyone else come to my house to swim and have fun. Therefore, I get to see them in their wet swimsuits and trunks.

I can see those tasty hot meat sticks in all their glory. And, if I am laying out sunning myself, these boys struggle to keep them from standing at attention. I love a nice stiffy pushing against the material of their swim trunks.

Then, there are the girls and their see-through suits.

Honestly, they get my pussy so wet as I am watching them show off. Those tight, round asses and long, lean legs. Then, their tits range from barely there to huge.

Being a mom has so many perks and seeing those tasty hot meat sticks stand at attention is one of my favorite ones. All of them flirt with me.  It is funny how the shy ones aren’t sure how to act getting turned on around me.

Of course, I do my best to put them at ease. And, trust me when I say I know how to help them relax. I have a twisted mind and it comes in handy at moments like this.

When the shy ones’ tasty hot meat sticks are hard and ready, I just talk with a motherly voice.

A mother is a boy’s first love, right?! Then there are the shy girls and their gorgeous bodies. I love taking them under my wings and giving them confidence.

I make sure to spend time with them alone. Taking them into my bedroom with all my beautiful lingerie and clothes. I love showing them how to use the items to feel sexy. Am I getting them ready for the tasty hot meat sticks or me?

Well, the nice part about that is they often thank me with hugs and kisses. And, sometimes those kisses become more. I have to say their pussies taste so damn good.

Giving them their first lesbian climax is such a rush!

Then, there are the guys that want to sneak off for some time with a sexy MILF. If they are hung and willing, I just can’t say no. I love a hard, tasty hot meat stick deep inside me.

Sadly, there are always those with the tiny dicks too. That is when the Football Mom Secret SPH comes into play. When I have to teach them the reality of their tiny little cocks.

I make a lot of boys cry with that one! Hahaha. Which of these is getting you hard? I know you are touching your cock! Call me and let’s play!

Tasty Hot Meat Sticks