Supporting my son and his football career is a huge thing for me. They call me super mom. I am always organizing and helping with the events. No one knows the real football mom secret SPH truth.

You see, I keep my hot naughty world a secret from my proper daytime life. All the other people in our community believe I am the cookie-cutter mom. And, in part, it is true.

When it comes to my son and football, I am all in! Supporting him and the team is my focus. However, I love some small penis humiliation. When I log in for work and get that call, it is on, baby!

It is time for football mom secret SPH to lift off.

My callers get a bit of both. The hot MILF everyone wants. And, the sexy domme that is going to destroy them with my hardcore, intensive humiliation. Those tiny tallywhackers get no mercy from me.

Of course, they deserve no mercy from any woman. Sadly, some women are still treating them kindly. I do not get it but it is up to them to accept mediocre to inadequate equipment in the bedroom.

This hottie will only play with “real” cocks. Hence our football mom secret SPH. When I come into contact with a tiny little dick, I have to tell the man the truth.

He should own that he will never satisfy a woman with that clitty.

Honestly, it is surprising to me how these men are so clueless. So many of them believe they are just fine fucking women with their minuscule meat sticks.

When, in fact, they are far from it. What can a three or four-inch dick do for a woman’s vagina? Seriously? Think about it! Is it going to hit any of our sensitive spots? Fuck no!

Bitches, you better wake up! That is why I am bringing you sad losers the football mom secret SPH. It is time to make sure you are aware of your truths. Stop wasting our time and improve those oral skills.

Or, be willing to wear a sheath for your loved ones.

That is a great fix, by the way. They have some awesome models out for both partners. Perhaps, you can have an open mind about it instead of being an asshole.

It isn’t our fault you got stuck with that clitoris. Be a real man and own that shit, bitches! Then, find a solution so the women in your life are getting off too. Not just you pumping at the entrance of a pussy.

God, that makes this football mom secret SPH laugh so hard!

The visual of a tiny dick man pumping his tiny little pecker in a pussy. Of course, she can’t even tell if he is in yet. Hahaha. Then, he has to bounce off the walls to cum.

To be honest, that is fucking funny! This is similar to my sissy maker game. I have to help those men accept their true selves. Of course, those guys and their clitties are craving cock.

I am not sure which you are but if you have a small one, it is time to call for some humiliation phone sex, babe!

Call me, Your favorite Sensual MILF Romi