I love playing what I call my sissy maker game. Yeah, you may think that you’ve done everything sissy but you haven’t done the wild things that cum to my mind. Believe me when I tell you that I can easily take you beyond your limit. Especially when it’s left up to me. 

I have experienced every kind of sissy that there is to know. From the tame little wimps that just like to dress up and rub their clitty through panties, with maybe an added finger lick. To the wild ones that will shave their hand up that gapped open bottom when I command them to.

Most Of You Have To Hide Your Dark Pleasure.

Luckily you have me to help you. See, I know that you have to sneak away from your wife while she’s in the kitchen to touch that G-spot, or take an extended bathroom break to get on those panties of hers while she sleeps, etc. I always make the sissy maker game so fun, daring, and enjoyable. It will be more enjoyable for me than it is for you though.

Some Examples Of My Sissy Maker Games Are.

This will go from something really simple to a tad extreme….

– Fooling around with your partner while you have a half hotdog up your bum.
– Wearing panties for a day.
– Window/sexy online shopping for a thick, long, REALISTIC, dong.
– While fooling around fingering yourself (remember she doesn’t know your sis life)
– Skype of you bouncing on a toy dressed in full attire (my fav….i get to record and do as I will with it)

Oh, trust me I have plenty more in mind. When it comes to creating a sissy, sissy maker game, or sissy humiliation I am perfect at it.

The Sissy Maker Game Will Go On Even Without Preparation.

I do find that a lot of you are extremely curious about being used and being a sissy, a GOOD sissy to be exact! You watch a lot of videos and you love the feeling of those goosebumps as they rise all over your body. It always goes the same way. You start by just stumbling upon those videos, you strangely feel aroused by them and keep coming back. You think that you’re just watching and it doesn’t mean anything but you come to realize that you’ve gotten yourself hooked my dear.

That’s When I Came Into Play!

I am a hot, experienced, MILF that will get you to try anything. You’ll come to learn that your secret is safe with me as long as you play my very unique, very special sissy maker game. Tailored to fit how I see it should. All you have to do is call me. Of course, take a deep breath and know that you’ll crave my skills over and over.

Here’s a quote one of the sissies says that play my games.When I was a kid, I loved being a boy. I didn’t like to play with dolls. But as I got older, the mystique of being a girl began to interest me. It was confusing what sexuality was, and the responses of other people, but it didn’t make me feel terrified or vulnerable.” All from being involved in my sissy maker game.

Come explore the sissy maker game with this hot MILF.  Sissy training phone sex that tops the rest. CALL ME!!

sissy maker game