I shall preference this by saying that this Mistress is overjoyed with sexy online shopping. 

While I sit desirably in my sexy wear, or better yet my sexy nothing, I shop. Sometimes its best to have a blank canvas to work with you know. There are two ways I like to do my sexy online shopping. Either by myself along with a big champagne glass of Sangre’. As I glance at a few different websites and sip on my drink. As well as skimming through the sexy clothes with my little subbie.

I like three types of materials because they make me feel so hot. Cotton, silk, and satin. These materials feel so good against my skin. While in training I give my sissies descriptive details of how different materials feel against me. Examples are that they make my nipples hard, get my twat wet, some even give me goosebumps. They always want to match what I say I feel. It’s like putting on an aphrodisiac enhancing agent. Or one of my sissies in training. 

My sissies are the best to do sexy online shopping with. 

They want to be so much like mistress Romi after all. Sexy is key to being a proper sissy. For my sissies know dressing up in there best is the key to being a proper bottom. We spend hours on the phone while we continue with our sexy online shopping. In most cases I have them put on something they already love so that we can look for something just as sexy. For those that haven’t taken the initiative to put the item on, I push a little harder. Why? Because they need the sternness that I give. They’re like clay that needs to be molded by my graceful touch. Directions include:

  • Telling them what to put on.
  • How to put it on.
  • Where to stand (most likely in front in front of a full-length mirror)
  • How to stand.


Preparing with sexy online shopping is so enjoyable for both of us.

As we browse hot online items we talk about all of the enhancements to self and life they bring. The sexy items that we look at online make my sissies in training feel so sexy. Not only because of how they appear but by the anticipation (it makes them pucker with joy) of how the items feel. These items that we admire online also make my sissies feel wanted. After all, these items will be worn for those that get to “use” them. All of these feelings combined are the perfect combination for a few things. Daily life while they transform, pleasurable aspect from their lover, most importantly pleasing Mistress Romi.

I hope that you know our sexy online shopping includes more than clothes.

As one of the best sissy training phone sex Mistresses around, in training doesn’t end at you one will wear. It is imperative to shop for fun toys as well. It’s amazing how these sissies think they know how to get down in the bedroom. It all starts with seductiveness before any action takes place. They need extensive training on this artful skill. Learning how to open up the package is imperative. Following that will be working the sweet subbie mouth. All of these will be practiced with the thing acquired from our sexy online shopping extravaganza. Whether the buy load is big or some of the items my subbie buys are the things that help with lessons that obviously lead to more.

Being a great subbie slut is what you’ve always craved. Being bent over in your sexiest fit, or planted on your knees in front of my large strap-on or a big meaty cock. I’ll start you very slow as I stated before. My subbies are dainty but trust that I will get you exactly where you want to be. You’ll be hopping up and down in front o a full-length mirror with your big suction cup dildo in no time.

Sounds good doesn’t it, my dear?

Every sub needs a guide and I must say that I’m the perfect option. I find so much joy in helping sissies reveal who they really are. Slurpers, guzzlers, heel wearing, bra, and panty matching subbies. Lessons start soon so buck up and give your new Mistress a call.

sexy online shopping