If I am nice enough to allow you into my special space, you know you are something. And, if I sell you them panties, well, then you better appreciate. Also, ask me about my sexy sensual hypnosis.

There is nothing on earth as relaxing and arousing as this quality time. I use my sultry voice taking you to a place like no other. Here, you and I commune in this inviting zone.

Furthermore, we become intertwined with one another. I am going to show you sex as you have never experienced before. And, afterward, I am going to allow you to buy my panties as a keepsake.

Our sexy sensual hypnosis will be forever in your mind and my panties will help you go back to those moments.

My creamy juices have leaked out onto the crotch. That means you can rub them on your face or lick them if you like. Moreover, you will have a piece of me with you.

Just imagine you are getting horny and thinking about me. You remember you have my crusty panties. As you are laying on the bed, you smell them and start stroking your rock-hard cock.

Of course, I am not there, but it feels as if I am. You are reliving our sexy sensual hypnosis sessions. Hearing my alluring voice, seeing my big titties and beautiful ass.

Then, when you are ready, you can lick the crotch and cum.

You are so ready. So, let’s get this going. I want you to get on the bed and lay back. Relax and listen to my suggestive voice as I guide you into the perfect place for our fun.

I want you so aroused and ready for me, baby. You will be given some instructions and you will follow them. I have a specific phrase and when I use it, you will do as you are told.

Get ready for an amazing ride with my sexy sensual hypnosis. As you start to fall under my spell, I am going to climb onto the bed with you. I want you to enjoy my beautiful hands exploring your body.

Sexy sensual hypnosis with me will forever change your sex life for the better.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a certain way with me. And, now, I love using those skills to enhance our fun. Of course, on a naughty day, I use my enticing MILF control on them.

Additionally, that is when the wild cougar in me comes out to rule over them. It is not for the faint of heart either. Don’t worry baby, you and I are here to have a hot love-making afternoon.

I am using sexy sensual hypnosis so we can both take it nice and easy today. Just you and I exploring each other at a leisurely pace. Of course, at a certain point, our animal instincts may take over.

Then, you may feel the need to mount me and fuck me like crazy.

And, I will be ready for that! Together, we will have screaming climaxes and collapse on the bed. Yes, you will get to purchase those creamy panties after we are done.

I want you to take them home and dream of me night after night. Then, when you wake up, call me and we can do it all over again!

Are you ready for my sexy sensual hypnosis and panties? Call me for some fetish phone sex and let’s get wild together!

Call me, Your favorite Sensual MILF Romi