My aunt is always so caring and loving with me. She is bringing me a basket of love fruit. I have never heard of such a thing, I hope it tastes yummy. Of course, I don’t know this, but it is forbidden fruit.

Considering how kind she is to me and my family, I never doubt her. She isn’t coming inside and is leaving the basket at my door. Indeed, that is unusual for her.

Lately, she has been acting strangely around me. Talking about connecting family as it should be and more ramblings. Heck, for all I know she is getting senile.

Oh, the basket of love fruit is on the porch!

I can’t wait to taste it. There are multiple pieces of fruit but they look like any other types of fruit I would normally eat. Perhaps my aunt is losing it. Then, I take a bite of the pear.

Suddenly, I feel different. It is an urgent need to see my son. Of course, it is more than a mother worrying about her son. This is a desire to have him in a carnal and loving way.

What the fuck is going on? That basket of love fruit was contaminated or something! My aunt has done something to me! Why I am thinking of my son as if I am in love with him?

Immediately, I start texting his cell phone and tell him I need him to come over asap.

Of course, he is there in no time, worried about his mom. Above all, I remain calm on the outside so he doesn’t know, even though on the inside I am freaking out.

My son is staring at me with confusion. Then, with a calm voice, I tell him I thought a neighbor was peeping in the window but I was wrong. He starts laughing at me.

He is looking at the basket of love fruit and I hand him an apple. Holding it in his hand, he takes a huge bite out of it. Within seconds, he is staring at me with lust and love.

The basket of love fruit has struck again.

Looking into his eyes, I ask if he is okay. He looks away and then back at me. Slowly, he says, “Mom, I feel like I am in love with you.” Then, “What the hell is going on?”

Finally, I start telling him about the fruit and that my aunt. I tell him, I do not understand why she wanted this for us but she did. It must be important for us to be in love. Or, she wants to stop my naughty MILF fucks neighbor fun!

Probably us together! That is why she brought us the basket of love fruit? He sits for a minute and says, “I also want to fuck you so bad right now!” The minute he says that my pussy is dripping wet and ready!

I look at him and say, “Me too, baby!”

My son picks me up and carries me into my bedroom. He throws me on the bed and lays down beside me. We start kissing and making out as we undress each other.

It is as if we are meant to be together. Once we are completely naked, he is over me with that rock-hard rod. He is rubbing it on my wet pussy before he shoves it deep inside me.

I scream out in pleasure! We have to call and thank my aunt for the basket of love fruit. Of course, that will be after our first night full of hot lovemaking!

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Basket of Love Fruit