It started with a knock

While bending my bi-guy over and banging him from behind I thought, pimped out bi-guy. He has gone from being so against ass fun to taking cock in this bathroom. Why not??!!

The cashier who knew we were into a lot of outside fun knocked on the bathroom door so much that I just opened it. I didn’t even try to hide my dong or the fact that lube was leaking from my bi-lovers ass. After quickly surveying the room he grabbed his cock.

He muttered that he was closing but I couldn’t keep what was in my mind inside. So I just asked if he wanted a go at fucking my guy. He did look surprised at first. Then I saw the welcoming expression on my friend’s face as he stood there with his ass out.

The cashier told me to leave as he rushed to pull his cock out. Shit, as soon as I heard those grunts from the both of them I rounded the corner and saw him going to town.

Fast forward to the night after

I have a good amount of anal plugs so the next night Matt and I lounged around naked while I also trained his ass. As the adrenaline rush he had the night before wore off his ass started to hurt but not as bad as he previously thought.

He was excited about the night, overall. What I didn’t know is that in the short while that the cashier pumped him from behind, it not only made Mataline cum but he also received a creampie as well. I did wonder why Matt wanted to get home so quickly.

As I trained his bussy he spilled the beans on his love for cock. Loving my dildo and the cashier’s cock even more. He worked his hips on the ass plug I worked and teased his ass with as he moaned and told me that he loved being his little bitch.

He loved being called a fairy princess as he told his massive cum load. Unbeknownst to me, he wanted to get home quickly to ride the toy I had gifted him before and lick off the cum that covered it.

Now Pimped Out Bi-Guy Time

I texted a friend of mine that loved anal. I had already told him of me working my curious friend into loving a cock in him. There we were in the mood and he told me of his best feeling. A few minutes go by and my other guy friend walks in.


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