I love being the sexy boss. In fact, I love abusing it with my underlings. Wearing see-through blouses and lacey bras to tease them. Of course, I can also pressure them into hot boss office sex when I am horny.

And, since I control their promotions and raises, they are unable to tell me no. Indeed, there is the fact that I am smoking hot too. These guys aren’t getting laid by anyone as sexy as me.

Chances are their wives are ugly dogs. So, if they are smart, they are fucking me when they get the chance. Although, they don’t have a choice when I say we are having sex.

I have to use the hot boss office sex card a lot.

My sex drive is abnormally high. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I am a nymphomaniac. I am also a wicked tease. Many times over, I am the big tits boss using my provocative clothes to get these guys all worked up.

After I walk away, I watch on camera as they touch themselves. Then, I interrupt them and call them into my office. Of course, they are trying to calm their dick down as they slowly stroll to my office.

I love walking around the desk and standing in front of them. Still teasing and not ready to give them hot boss office sex, just yet. I slide my skirt up and play with my kitty until I cum.

They literally cum in their pants without touching their dicks.


Sad little loser employees. Well, now I need more from them. In fact, I want those cocks inside me. And, I know the ones that will be more than eager to comply.

However, I want the ones that don’t want to comply. The happily married mother fuckers. Oh, yes. Of course, I see them watching me with lustful eyes. I know they want me.

So, it is my desire and pleasure to influence them into having hot boss office sex with me. Sure, down deep, they are fantasizing about me when they beat their meat at home.

However, these guys would probably never step out on their wives before my offer of hot boss office sex.

That is until I enter their lives with an offer they can’t refuse. Don’t be mistaken, or feel bad for them either. Down deep, these assholes are doing a happy dance.

On the outside, they are feigning shock and saying we cannot do this. Of course, no is not an answer I am accepting from these gentlemen if they are to continue working for me.

And, I pay them handsomely. Hal is my first target. I call him in and he is quite nervous as I lean in and give him my proposal for hot boss office sex. Oh, goodness, the look on his face is priceless.

He tells me no, and tries to leave my office.

I stop him and start explaining to him that if he does not fuck me today, he will be on unemployment tomorrow. All the color is draining from his face as he silently mouths, “You bitch.”

Then, he looks at me for a while. I am smiling from ear to ear waiting for his response. Finally, he looks at me and says, “Fine, I will fuck you but I don’t want to do it.”

Please, mother fucker, you have wanted this hot boss office sex from the moment I hired you! I lock my office door, drop my dress, and go down to suck his cock.

From that moment on, he is a fucking beast with me. Curious to hear more about my naughty fun? Call me for some fetish phone sex!

Milf Romi