The first night was the way I wanted this experience to be.

Later that night after my restroom hook-up, I had some cuckold fun. There was a group of men that we met up with that night and had been drinking and hanging out with. Being the fun-loving dame I am, I flirted my way around the group.

We’re all there for fun so why not have it, RIGHT? While one guy was extremely attractive he had a small cock which I could feel threw his shirt. Nah, I said to myself. I wanted to get stretched out before sunlight. The other was long yet thin.

What A shame because this guy was 7 feet tall. Wowerz, I know but as we flirted and danced around by the pool I saw the other friend’s cock before I did him. 5’10” and a print that I could enjoy all night long.

After a couple of minutes of playing in the pool and flirting with the guys along with my friend, I found that this man approached me while I was in the pool. We teamed up on pool volleyball and were having a blast. I turned and chatted while the other side picked their teammate for another round. I asked what he was doing after. Of course, he hit me with the, whatever you’re doing Romi Kellie!

He’s A Mans Man But I Call The Shots

I’m not the type to hold back so I wanted to get filled up right now. As we faced each other he started to press his chest against my 36 DDs while I slid my hands in his trunks. Thick, heavy, chocolate treat just for me is all I could think while touching what I could.

It was an amazing feeling that came over me while holding him in my hand because my hand couldn’t reach him all the way around. He leaned in ever closer and said “4N”, slowly leaving the pool and going over to his friends while I stayed there to play around a little more.

But after a few moments, I left as well. The point was to make it seem like we weren’t leaving together. I mean so many guys flirted with me and he saw so I got the message loud and clear when he left before me. He opened the door with only a towel and pulled me into the room. We took our suits off and got in the shower.

What I call a tease shower. Ha, we both were the chlorine off of our bodies knowing what was coming next. I couldn’t help but stroke his 9-and-a-half-inch rock-hard cock, which was 3 and some inches wide. Oh trust me he did some teasing too.

Hookup Turned Cuckold Fun

When I thought we were done he told me that he needed to clean me well and got down on his knees and tongued my ashole so good he had me howling like a coyote. “Fuck Me Now,” I said as I couldn’t wait anymore. I got out before him and once I walked into the room I saw the two friends sitting on the bed naked.

As I looked back in excitement as he walked out behind me dropped the towel and stood there naked in front of me. I pushed him onto the bed and licked on that girthy cock and almost immediately one of his friends was in between my legs eating me out from behind. Once I get up on the bed and positioned myself on the cock I saw that both were hard.

“Stoke those undersized baby carrots while you watch me”
“Look at him stretch me out so much”
“I’d never let you fuck me with that unworthy cock”

As I bounced on that manly cock and creamed all over it. Those friends of his came over and over as I rode him.

But more happened. I bet you want to know.


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