They do say that it’s just like Vegas.


My carnival cruise experience was something I did, and it stayed on that ship. I was going for fun. A long-time friend of mine and I planned this vacation a month in advance. Lucky for us, the late-night events were great accommodations.

We packed daytime-friendly swimwear, then the barely there poolside experience for the crowd for our late-night fun. Additionally, we packed a few bottles of bourbon using TikTok hacks, which I thought would get us in a load of trouble.

Time for some hot MILF action

I have to admit there were a lot of couples on the ship. The husbands and some of the wives enjoyed watching us prance around in our deep plunging neck tops and dresses. One night at dinner, I decided to do the bathroom trick that my bi-guy friend from home taught me.

Wink at an attractive and then walk to the bathroom. Of course, I have to give that seductive switch off my hips for him to follow. I sat on my black bikini top, a dark floral pencil skirt that hit just below the knee, and my gold heels.

Ready, set, go to the cock

I could feel his gaze, and he sat there with his wife and her parents. But freak it. I went for what I wanted and gave him the wink. Once to ensure I had his attention and again when I was about to get up. I strolled with the switch in my hips.

Shoot, all eyes were on me, and I loved it, baby. I entered the women’s restroom and stood inside the door for 30 seconds. Yes, he came after me that quickly! He couldn’t keep his hands off me once he opened the door and switched it closed.

First on my 36-DDs, then on my ass. But I was well informed that this should be a quick transition, and I was very excited. I grabbed his hard-on for a while while he had fun with my tits and ass. After peeling his short yet very girthy cock out, he spun me around and bent me over.

One carnival cruise experience, more to go

He reached into his shoe, grabbed a condom, and, with exponential speed, put it on. We both looked into the mirror at each other, and he rammed his cock into me. By then, I was soaking and wanted it.

After a few pumps, he pulled out, and we both watched as he came all over that bathroom floor. As he adjusted his clothes, he asked to see me again. With the biggest grin, I said yes and slid out of the bathroom, knowing he aimed to get my number.

I was sure to see him around after the way I made him cum. As I sat back down, he looked at me the whole time like a doggy to its bone. I teased him by sucking the juices from my lamb chops, licking my fingers and more. But why stop at him when I had my eyes on his wife to be next? I could tell that she was very curious.

I don’t know if you’re ready for everything I have to expose…..

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