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I’ve been eyeballing a cute hottie for us for some time, but today is the day!  It’s the first time I see her outside by herself. This makes it much easier to lure her over to your place. It didn’t take long before I befriended her.

I saw the happy look in your eyes when we pulled into your driveway and got out of the car. After a few “drinks” she was nice and relaxed. I pull her onto my lap, her back against me; facing you. I tell her to be a good girl while my hands reach around to pull up her tiny little t-shirt up and off.

Oh, I can see your cock getting harder as I reveal those perfect little pink puffy nipples. I can’t help myself and give them a quick pinch. I hold her still with my knees between her legs. Those perfect smooth legs that only the young girls have to look so delicious don’t they? This will turn you from the naughty neighbor panty thief the devouring that sweet treat.

I spread my legs forcing her knees apart. Her skirt hikes up even further and you get your first peek at those pink little girl panties. You can’t hold yourself back as you get down on your knees between our legs. Sniff her sweet panties, lick them. It’s only the appetizer before the main event. At this point, I don’t know who is more excited to get her on the bed all naked and tied up spread eagle.  Ultimately since I found her, I get the first taste!

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I may be your tight young teens Milf accomplice partner, but we are going to share her together because my appetite is just as nasty and perverted as yours. No fair keeping her all to yourself.  I love twisted taboo phone sex and I know you want to hear the rest of this kinky accomplice phone sex fantasy, so you’ll just have to call me, and together we can decide what happens next. Shall we just screw her and use her as our toy? Torture her and mark her and make her scream? Whore her out? Keep her and breed her? The possibilities are limitless!

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