When our new neighbors were moving in, I went over to introduce myself to him and his wife. They are younger than me, and so sexy, both of them. Of course, who that he is a naughty neighbor panty thief?

In our community, especially in the warm seasons, we take turns hosting cookouts and swimming parties. Not long after Allie and Jake moved in next door, the ladies in our community started losing panties.

At first, we were chalking it up to the washing machine eating them, or us misplacing them or losing them from the gym to home. Similarly, I was thinking my son was snagging mine.

Of course, I am not thinking we had a naughty neighbor panty thief.

Fast forward to this year. Spring arrives and everyone is out walking with their kids in the evenings. And, the panties start to disappear again. Of course, some of the ladies are thinking they are going nuts but I am starting to suspect Jake.

In fact, I am so sure it is him, I start tailing him in the evenings. He is quite good with how he goes about it too. Because so many of us run on a similar schedule he knows when it is safe to go into a neighbor lady’s house.

That gives our naughty neighbor panty thief the ultimate times to snag those dirty panties he is craving. And, he can quietly leave through a back door with no one the wiser.

Well, no one but me knows now who our naughty neighbor panty thief is.

And, I am going to use it to my advantage. Jake is so sexy and this hot cheating wife has been wanting the opportunity to fuck him but he seems devoted to Allie. Now, I can blackmail him.

Knowing he hasn’t been in my house for a while, I set him up. Taking a little evening walk or so he thinks. I double back around and come in the back door. Sneaking into my bedroom, I catch him sniffing my dirty panties.

This naughty neighbor panty thief has the ones I took off right before I left to walk. They are still warm as he is holding them up to his nose and inhaling deeply.

Finally, he senses me staring at him and jumps in shock and fear.

I let out a small giggle and ask him if he is enjoying my dirty panties. He is panicking and I tell him to relax, I am not going to rat him out. That confuses him, so it is time to tell him what I want.

Quickly, I explain I am the naughty MILF that fucks her neighbors and I want him on that list. Of course, he is protesting he will not cheat on Allie. However, I tell him I can get him into big trouble with all the panty stealing.

This naughty neighbor panty thief knows he is had and has to do as I tell him. I explain from now on, I control him. That he will come to me when I call and fuck me all the time.

He is freaking out as I rap my beautiful hand around his rigid cock and start stroking up and down.

Soon, he is moaning and begging for more. I tell him to undress me and himself. I lay on the bed and command him to eat my pussy until I cum. He is extremely good at it too.

It looks like we are going to have so much fun together. And, this is just the beginning, Jake! Curious to know all I forced him to do that first time? Call me!