I’m the type of MILF that loves to have fun.


I have sissies, BBC’s, and one special bi-curious lover. Sex has always been amazing as we love doing things to push the limits. Sex in different places, using different toys, and boy does he know how to keep up with me. It’s weird that I say that because he is a few years younger than me.

A few months ago I started opening his mind to experimenting with another lover. Another man or two to be exact. At first, he stayed at a hard NO. Then I started to guide him in the direction I wanted slowly. Taking action towards what I wanted was a slow process, but well worth it.

I know how to get my way

He wouldn’t even let me massage his balls while riding his thick 8-inch cock until I got him to let me do it. Sexy persuasion can move mountains. While sucking his cock I slithered down to his balls. Once I felt his comfort with that I made my way to his taint then eventually got to the point that I’ll go straight to tongue fucking his asshole.

This long process broke down that toxic masculine bull and created an open man who’d let me do anything I wanted to him. There; ‘s nothing wrong with exploring and once we became sexually as close as we could get he started circling back to my question about other men. That’s when he hit me with a big surprise.

I’ve created my bi-curious lover

One day while at lunch he passed me a gift big and upon opening it I discovered that it was an 8-inch strap-on with a note card. It read, “Nothing like fucking yourself”. I didn’t want to finish the food. I made him my bitch on his first anal sex date. We left the restaurant and went to a gas station. To the restroom that was around the corner and up the hall from the front.

Can you tell we’ve been here before? I put the strap-on on and he stood there with a wide smile and pants to his ankles. High off of the adrenaline zipping through his veins. I grabbed his neck and gave him a sloppy kiss. Taking my other hand and gripping my new dick. Helping him stroke and he naturally kneeled down.

He was onto more than I thought

Watching it slide in his mouth was pure bliss. I was pumping it in and out while looking down. Afterward, he stood back up and bent over the bathroom sink. “Shit”. I walked to the bathroom door where I forgot the lock and locked it.

I walked over and spit in my hand as I did and slid my hand up and down my shaft. I didn’t take time. I pumped it in him hard, bucking while he moved forward. Then slowing down to slide every inch in him. Once that was down he was the one to buck back against me. Cause me to go harder. Fucking him like the whore he was in the moment until I hear the knock on the door.


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