I always enjoy traveling for work. The boss puts me in nice hotels and they always have restaurants and bars. On this trip, I even score a hotel bar hookup with a sexy stranger.

After meetings all day, I am ready to unwind with a drink. I head to the hotel bar, sit at the bar and order a drink. This place is full of hot businessmen and I love my view.

Within minutes of sitting down, a couple of guys buy me drinks. They can’t resist a huge tit MILF. I send them a, “Thank You, nod and stay where I am. I just want to relax for a bit. It is fun watching people away from home.

Well, it looks like multiple people are getting hotel bar hookup lucky tonight.

It never ceases to amaze how all inhibitions drop when we are away from our significant others. Especially those in the business world. I am not judging, I do the same thing!

Of course, for me, discretion is key. Furthermore, I find it thrilling to fuck strangers. In fact, it gets me so horny just discussing it. Maybe that is why I am always ready to go on these trips for the boss man.

Then, there he is sitting down beside me at the bar. My hotel bar hookup for this trip. Damn, he is fine. As he gets settled, he turns and smiles at me. Then, he introduces himself.

His name is Demetrius and he is from Prague.

I do love a man with an accent. We start a conversation and it continues for what seems like hours. He has me laughing and chatting and getting wet. This man is so sexy.

As we are talking, he touches my arm gently to emphasize a statement. I am completely smitten by him and can’t wait to see my hotel bar hookup naked. Sitting here fantasizing about what I will do to him in my room.

Of course, he is by far my hottest conquest to date. And, he can’t keep his eyes off of me. After a few more drinks, we are getting frisky. I am running my hand along his thigh.

I want this hotel bar hookup to happen now!

Then, it is as if he can read my mind. He leans in and asks if I am ready to move our fun to one of our rooms. Hell, yes, let’s do this! He paid for both our tabs and we went to his room, not mine.

Once we get to his suite, not room, he is such a gentleman. He is staying in one of the hotel’s best suites. It is gorgeous. Of course, the minute we are behind closed doors, I start kissing him.

My sexy hotel bar hookup kisses me back passionately. We are naked in seconds flat. He lays me on the sofa and then, kisses down my body. Wow, the minute his lips hit my pussy, I am melting.

I cum within no time at all, squirting all over his face.

His cock is throbbing and ready for me. Of course, he can’t wait any longer and shoves it deep inside me. We fuck long and hard, cumming together. Then, we lay there in our sweat and juices embracing.

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