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First time large dildo

First Time Large Dildo

Surprise Me!   May said, in a soft, and sultry tone.  It was the final wor...

Dirty Little Secret

Two Slutty Coworkers – Keeping Their Dirty Little Secret

How Could they Repay you?   You kept their dirty little secret for so long,...

cum filled wife

Eating Out Your Cheating, Cum Filled Wife

The Day You Discovered She was Cheating   This “dry spell” had ...

Hot Phone Sex

From Hot Phone Sex to Reality – Meeting your Online Fantasy Girl

Months of Hot Phone Sex   Finally led to this moment.  It was time to meet...

wet sloppy fuck

Wet Sloppy Fuck with Your Hot Neighbor

New York was Where You Called Home     In NY, you lived in one of thos...

4 months ago
fucking the teen babysitter

Fucking the Teen Babysitter

With Your Wife Always Out of Town for Work     It made sense to have a...

tempting step daughter

Bedtime Story with a Twist – Tempting Step Daughter

It has been a year since you got Married.   Now, you had a whole family to ...

Sexier. sluttier sister

Cheating on Your Wife with the Sexier Sluttier Sister

Your Wife is Hot   But May is hotter.  May being your wife’s sexier,...

Puffy pink nipples

Puffy Pink Nipples at Your Little Sister’s Pool Party

It’s May’s Birthday Today!   Today is the day of your little si...

sexy little sister

Sexy Little Sister isn’t so Little Anymore – Part 3

Sexy Little Sister isn’t so Little Anymore – Part 3 The thin fabric ...

Sexy little sister

Sexy, Little Sister isn’t so Little Anymore – Part 2

Sexy, Little Sister isn’t so Little Anymore – Part 2   “I Wan...

sexy little sister
tied used abused

Tied, Used, and Abused – The Perfect Sub

She Hadn’t Cum in Days   And that was thanks to you.  You took all o...

6 months ago
Naughty school girl

Naughty School Girl – Staying After Class

I Never Kept My Skirt Down Around You   I’m also the smartest girl in...

Cock Training a Switch

Cock Training a Switch – Be a Good Boy for Me

You Must be Tired, Baby   I know how hard working you are.  How many big d...

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