Sexy, Little Sister isn’t so Little Anymore – Part 2


“I Want you to Finish” said your Sexy Little Sister.  Now, your eyes were wide.  You couldn’t believe your ears.  But, she remained there, looking a you intently.  You figured you should take this chance.  Whether this was a dream, or real, you weren’t going to miss it.  Slowly, you reach down, and wrapped your hand around your cock again.  

Her eyes followed your strokes, which felt even better with her watching.  You kept going, and with the pleasure swirling through you, you tipped your head back and enjoyed.  Her hips were pressed to your thigh, and her presence there made you harder than you’d ever been before.  Suddenly, you felt a pressure around your balls, and realized she had grabbed them. 

Your Sexy Little Sister was Fondling them in her Hands

She seemed very pleased when you reacted positively.  You grunted as your sexy, little sister massaged your balls perfectly.  Soon enough, she was sneaking her hand up your shaft, and took the place of your own.  Now, she had one hand on your balls, and the other on your shaft, stroking you just as you had been.  You really thought you were dreaming now.  It felt so good your moans and grunts persisted.  It was hard to stay quiet, but you had to since your parents were only down the hall.

Before long, she had repositioned herself so that she was on top of you.  Your sexy little sister hovered above your legs, with her ass up in the air.  She positioned her face only inches from your cock, and you felt her warm breath on your cock.  Is she going to do what I think she’s going to do? You thought and almost pleaded to yourself.  Only seconds later, you felt her tongue on your tip.  She was licking up the precut that was flowing from you all over again. 

Your Sexy Little Sister Slid her Tongue Up and Down your Shaft

The way she was licking you reminded you of all the times you watched her eat her favorite popsicles.  Then, her lips suctioned around the head of your cock, and she began bobbing her head up and down.  How deep she went surprised you.  Had your sister become a little slut and you had no idea?  What happened next stopped that thought altogether.  Then, your sexy little sister crawled up your body.

She positioned herself so that her hips were just above yours.  So, you reached  your hand forward, and pressed your fingers against her little sleep shorts.  The thin fabric of her shorts did nothing to cover up the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  You could feel the bulbous nub of her clit, and upon reaching further, you realized just how soaked your sexy little sister was.  Your eyes shot up to hers, so surprised at her soaked pussy, but she returned your gaze with a seductive smile. 

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