Sexy Little Sister is All Grown Up


You and your sexy, little sister were close, you always had been. The way you love her is a bit different now. Ever since she turned 16, you can’t help but see her as a woman. Her budding breasts, and surprisingly full hips wouldn’t allow you to see her as your little sister anymore. The two of you shared a bathroom, and right now,  you both brushed your teeth side by side.


As she brought the brush across her beautiful smile, her tits would shake back and forth. She seemed blissfully unaware that you had your eyes on her the whole time. It didn’t take long for you to feel your cock swell, so you quickly escaped to your room, with only a quick goodnight towards her. Once in your room, you settled into bed, and only got harder as you replayed your sexy little sister’s shaking breasts in your head.


Your Sexy Little Sister’s Puffy Nipples Poked Through her Shirt


And swelled as they shook back and forth. She made you so excited, even though you knew this was your sister, it was so enjoyable to be turned on this much. So, you reached into your pants, and pulled out your throbbing cock. Precum had already run down your tip and coated your shaft. Now, with your had wrapped around your slippery shaft, you stroked away, holding tight, and imagining it was your sexy, little sister’s pussy, clenching tight around your member.

You could care less that you were moaning. It felt so good. With your eyes closed, you could really imagine her there, riding you steadily, and watching her little breasts bounce. Faster and faster you stroked, precum gushing from your tip. You fantasized that she was really here, you swear you could hear her, and feel her presence in the room. This brought you right to the edge, and you opened your eyes to watch your load burst from you. As soon as you did..


You Saw your Sexy Little Sister There


Your sexy little sister was there in your doorway, staring with wide eyes. Then, you instinctually pulled up the sheets to cover yourself, but you knew she had already seen it all. “What are you doing here??” you excitedly whispered. “I-I- I came to check on you.. I heard you.. whining” Your excitement simmered down then. Your sweet, sexy little sister was just checking in on you. So, you assured her you were fine, and expected her to turn and leave then, except she didn’t.


She stayed, hesitated, then moved closer. She sat next to you on the bed, and pulled the sheets back. You initially tried to stop her, but eventually let her continue. The bed spread pulled against your cock, and made you realize how hard you still were. She came in just as you were about to explode, and the pressure of the cum in your balls seemed even stronger now.


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