She Hadn’t Cum in Days


And that was thanks to you.  You took all of her toys, and stripped away her rights to cum, unless she had permission of course.  Now, you had her tied to the bed, looking sexy as ever.  Her red lingerie set hugged her body, and showed off her voluptuous hips and breasts.  Finally, it was time for your favorite part:  Letting this tied, used, and abused slut cum for you.


So, you grabbed your favorite paddle, and gently rubbed it up her shin, then her thigh.  Her body immediately jolted from the long awaited pleasure.  This tied, used, and abused sub loved giving you a show, and you loved it too.  Eventually, you grabbed your favorite toy, and pressed the vibrating tip to her nipples.  Her perfect C cup breasts began shaking with the vibrations, and her moans began shortly after.


Tied, Used, and Abused was Your Favorite Way to Have Her


And she knew it too.  Her show began, and with every action you performed, and reaction happened.  You slapped her face, and she thanked you.  Every passing of the whip on her skin led to a yelp, and another thank you.  Your tied, used, and abused sub was so well trained!  Now, the only thing left on her body to play with, was the best part.  That perfect clit and pussy.  It nearly throbbed in anticipation as your eyes fell upon it.


With a big, glass dildo in hand, you finally leaned in, and settled in between her spread legs.  She moaned in anticipation with just the feeling of your breath on her pussy.  With one swift motion, you spit onto her clit, and watched the saliva drip in between her lips, and make her even more wet than before.  This tied, used, and abused sub was ready to give it all to you.  Your spit mixed with her juices, and you knew it was time to fill up her tight, little pussy.


You Pressed the Glass Tip Against Her Tied, Used, and Abused Pussy


And her body spasmed.  The cold glass sent a surge through her body, so you pressed your big hands to her hips to steady her once again.  As she calmed down again, you pushed the thick, glass tip a bit further, and watched her perfect lips spread in its presence.  Further and further you pushed, until your fingers met her pussy lips.  This tied, used, and abused slut could only moan, and beg for more.


And more is exactly what you gave her.  Because then, you pushed that glass dildo in and out of her relentlessly, and picked up the pace with every thrust.  Her pussy oozed juices, and soaked the sheets underneath her.  Now, with a vibrator in your other hand, you pressed it to her clit, and her moans turned into screams.  Her body thrashed and convulsed as you drove her to ecstasy.  After all, she deserved it for being a tied, used, and abused sub for you.

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