I Never Kept My Skirt Down Around You


I’m also the smartest girl in your class, Sir.  That’s how we found ourselves in this little situation.  I frequent the whiteboard, and show my work to the class, while I show my body to you.  I can’t help it!  I’m just a naughty school girl.  Eventually, you catch on to my mischievous doings, but you don’t stop it, do you?

Keep calling me up to the front, Sir.  I’ll parade my long, stocking covered legs, and make my way to the front of the class.  I know all the boys are staring, but I only care of the man up front is looking too.  You see it, don’t you sir?  Don’t you see the show this naughty school girl is putting on for you?  Don’t act like you can’t smell my sweet perfume, or see the way my uniform is much too small.  Oops!  I even forgot to button my blouse all the way.

I’ll Make You Notice the Naughty School Girl

Sir, I know you can’t help but watch the way my tits bounce with every step I take.  It’s already the third time I’ve been up to the front to answer a question!  But, as a naughty school girl, I have even more plans in mind.  Now, before I go back to my desk, I *accidentally* drop the whiteboard marker, and have no choice but to pick it back up.  So, I slowly bend down at the hips, and I leave my legs straight, and long.  With each inch I bend down, my skirt moves up, and before long, something sparkles in your eye.

The glistening gem is pink, and catches the fluorescent lights in the classroom.  Then , without hesitation, your eyes glide down further, and you take in the glory of my young, bare pussy.  I’m glad you finally know what a naughty school girl I am, Sir.  I’m sure to take my time standing back up, and by the time I do, I know there’s a hard cock waiting for me.  I make my way back to my desk, but on my route, I hear the words I’ve been waiting for.  You’re practically begging me to stay after class.

Time to Really Get to Know this Naughty School Girl

The bell finally rings, and everybody shuffles out of the classroom with haste.  All but me and you, of course.  You, on the other hand, make your way to the door just as the last student files out.  Now it’s just the teacher, and the very naughty school girl.  With the blinds shut, and you making your way back to your desk, and meet you there, and wait in your chair.  Now, I get to watch your eyes work their way down my body, as I spread my legs wide.  Then, I hang my legs on the arm rests, and I watch as you sink to your knees in a trance.

Before long, your hand is floating up to my mouth, in efforts to muffle the moans seeping from my lips, as you devour my pussy.  Your control and power over me only makes me scream louder, and I continue to gush my juices all over your face.  Don’t let this be the last time, Sir!  I’ve stretched my little ass just for you.  Please fuck my naughty school girl ass!

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