Sexy Little Sister isn’t so Little Anymore – Part 3

The thin fabric of her shorts did nothing to cover up the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  You could feel the bulbous nub of her clit, and upon reaching further, you realized just how soaked she was.  Your eyes shot up to hers, so surprised at her soaked pussy, but she returned your gaze with a seductive smile.  So, you moved her shorts to the side, and your cock perfectly fell against the entrance of her pussy.  She moaned a bit, but eventually pushed her hips down.  Her wetness should’ve let you slide right in, but then she surprised you yet again.  “I’m a virgin..” she said to you. 


You were rightfully stunned.  How could she be a virgin when she seemed so experienced?  No wonder your cock wouldn’t fit inside that glistening slit.  Either way, knowing that only made you crave you sexy little sister more, and you were going to fit inside her no matter what.  So, you let her continue, but your swollen tip wouldn’t move past her tight entrance without some help.


You Placed your Hands on your Sexy Little Sister’s Hips



Finally, you felt your tip spread her tight lips apart, and you inched your way inside her.  Then, you felt it, her virginal cherry, stopping you from going any deeper.  The head of your cock was filled with sensation, and you acted on impulse.  Before you knew it, your hands grasped her hips much harder, and you pulled your sexy little sister down with some force. 


Suddenly, the wetness from her flooded your cock. That pussy was drenching the whole length of your dick, and covering it in her juices.  She was so turned on, you knew this is what she wanted all along.  Now, you were all the way inside her, and before she could scream, you covered her mouth and pushed her to her back.  It felt good being in control.  Finally, you were taking your sister’s sexy little pussy, just like you knew she wanted you to.


  Your Sexy Little Sister’s Pussy Gripped Around your Cock so Tight


In only a few strokes, you could feel your balls tightening.  Even the veins along your shaft were bulging, and rubbing along the inside of her pussy.  Every second felt better and better.  You decided to bury yourself deep inside your sexy little sister, and stay there, rubbing her clit.  Her moans filled the room, and her pussy quivered and gripped around your cock.


Eventually, you started pumping again.  This time, relentlessly.  Determined to fill your sexy little sister with your huge load, you pounded her until you could feel your tip smacking against her cervix.  Gosh, her pussy was perfect, and this wouldn’t be the last time you were inside it.  From now on, this pussy was yours.  So, you filled her with the first of many loads to come.


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