It has been a year since you got Married.


Now, you had a whole family to love and enjoy: your beautiful wife and her daughter, May.  Before you met May, you were worried about whether or not she’d like you, but that was not a problem.  May LOVED you.  She loved to hug, cuddle, and kiss you any chance she got.  The closer she got to 12, the harder it was to deny what a tempting step daughter she had become.

A tradition the two of you formed was bedtime stories every single night.  Like clockwork, 10 PM rolled around, and you went to her bedroom and slid into her twin-size bed.  Usually, the bed size didn’t bother you, but the thoughts about your tempting step daughter continued growing wildly as she threw her leg over your lap, and you could see down her tight sleep shirt.  His budding breasts were perfect, and you couldn’t help but think of her nipples and the way they may taste, amongst other things.

It’s Hard to Deny a Tempting Step Daughter

Especially when she’s as beautiful as she is.  Both of you could admit that 12 is a little old for a bedtime story, but nothing could pull you away from her, especially not your hardening cock beneath her thigh.  She loved to rub her leg up and down your lap, seemingly oblivious to the pleasure she was causing you.  Or was it oblivious?  There was a warmth on your side, not just from her body.  Still reading the story she’d picked out, you finally realize it’s a warmth and wetness from her pussy, and she’s gently grinding herself against your leg!

You pulled the book away and glanced down at her to ensure you weren’t dreaming this up.  She looked back up at you in a second, and suddenly, her lips were on yours.  Without thinking, you kissed your tempting step daughter back, and the book fell to the floor.  Soon, your hands fell to her waist as you guided her atop you.  Her slim body fell onto yours, and your hands cascaded down to her perfect, round ass.  The two of you continued kissing, and she ground against the now massive bulge in your pants.

There’s No Stopping a Determined, Tempting Step Daughter

Before long, she was trying to maneuver her hand into your pants.  You helped her along and intensely enjoyed the look on her face as she laid eyes on her first dick.  “It’s so big!” She exclaimed to you.  At this point, she had you wrapped around your finger, and you would do anything for the pleasure she was giving you.  Then, she took your girth in her hands, and the pleasure began again.  She looked sweet, but she was your ever-so-tempting step daughter.

May got into the perfect rhythm of stroking and sucking.  Her young mouth felt unbelievable and brought you to the edge countless times.  But you couldn’t wait any longer.  It was time to deflower your tempting step daughter.  She climbed on top of you and moved her thin sleep shorts and panties aside.  Her pussy was still bald and glistened as she sat down on your thick tip.  With some guidance and the weight of her own body, she was sliding down your shaft perfectly.

Eventually, you felt her hymen pressing up against your cock, and pulled her against you, eager to be deep in her.  Suddenly, your cock was flooded with her virginal juices, and she was able to slide up and down your shaft.  Her tight, young pussy milked your cock until you finally filled her with the first load of many to come.

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