Your Wife is Hot


But May is hotter.  May being your wife’s sexier, sluttier sister, who was also nearly a decade younger.  The two of them couldn’t be more opposite.  Something about May’s dark hair against her tanned skin, and her perky breasts just made you stir crazy.  May and your wife were close, so it was often that you got to take in the sights of her beauty.

The best part about living in California was the warm weather.  May and your wife were always out sunbathing by the pool.  This meant that you had the perfect view from the living room window, to see her gorgeous body bask in the sun.  With May being the sexier, sluttier sister, it was no surprise that she sunbathed in the nude.  Just the sight of her mauve nipples had you hard as a rock.

The Sexier, Sluttier Sister had Your Cock Dripping in Precum

The two of them would sit out there for hours at a time, so you went ahead and began rubbing your bulge from outside your pants.  Before long, you had your throbbing shaft in your hand, and fantasized about the sexier, sluttier sister.  The pleasure that surged through your cock felt so good, your eyes nearly rolled to the back of your head.  Suddenly, the sound of the door opening made your eyes flutter open.

May was standing there with her eyes wide, staring directly at your cock.  You dreaded every second, waiting to see what the sexier, sluttier sister would do, and to your surprise, she not only smiled, but she moved closer to you.  Now, she was inches from you, and you could see her hard nipples close up.  Her plump thighs brushed against your cock, and she eventually grabbed it with her own hand.

The Sexier, Sluttier Sister Stroked your Cock

Now, your cock was leaking precum, and you couldn’t help but moan.  This only turned her on more, and before you knew it, the two of you were on the couch together.  Through the glass window, you watched your wife in a sunny bliss, as her sexier, sluttier sister wrapped her lips around your girthy dick. No one has ever made you feel the way she did. May is the girl of your dreams. May’s mouth slipped up and down your length, and drowned you in her slobber. You felt the back of your throat and were in ecstasy.

Just to add to the fun, you slid your hand down her back, and around the curve of her ass.  Finally, your fingers slid into the crevices of her pussy, and her moans poured out of her.  She gets so wet. You have never felt anyone get as wet as May. This sent vibrations down your shaft, and brought you right to the edge.  With your free hand, you pressed her all the way down your cock, and finally busted in the back of her throat.  Just like the sexier, sluttier sister she is, she swallowed every drop.

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