It’s May’s Birthday Today!


Today is the day of your little sister’s birthday party.  She has been counting down the days to her pool party for months.  It is finally time for her to shut up about it.  With the four-year age gap between you two, it’s easy to find her annoying, rowdy, and all-around overwhelming.  Today was absolutely one of those days.  She came charging down the steps, shouting to the rooftops that she was finally a teen.  Even with her annoying tendencies, it was obvious that puberty had done her a favor.  Her body was changing for the better, especially her puffy, pink nipples.

The clothes May wore weren’t necessarily provocative, but anything can be seen as such with a mind of a 19 year old.  Her clothes clung tightly to her petite frame, that only grew more curvaceous by the year.  May loved to play sports, so she was always in some arrangement of sports bra, and yoga pants.  Year after year, it only became harder to keep your eyes off of her budding breasts and hips, but most of all, it was her puffy pink nipples that attracted you the most.

You Saw her Puffy Pink Nipples for the First Time

While in the bathroom.  With only one bathroom in the house, it was normal for you to brush your teeth, while May was in one of her piping hot, showers with blaring music.  With the music put so high, she didn’t know you were at the sink.  Then, in a moment that you’ve relived over and over, she stepped out of the shower, and exposed her entire nude body to you, including her puffy, pink nipples.

It was hard not to stare at them.  The cool bathroom air hit them as she opened the shower curtain, and it made them swell to twice their normal size.  In a flash, she covered herself, and shouted at you, but nothing could stop your brain from taking a mental image to last a lifetime.  You knew it couldn’t be the last time you saw her puffy, pink nipples.

What Better Place for Puffy, Pink Nipples, than a Pool Party?

All of May’s girlfriends were arriving in just an hour, and May had already changed into her new bikini.  It was a gift from our mom, who celebrated her with a little dose of womanhood – a bikini instead of her usual one-piece swimsuit.  So, in her new bikini, she trotted, bounced, and giggled around the house in excitement.  Her perfect small breasts rubbed up against the interior fabric, and already had her puffy, pink nipples nice and swelled.

The hour went by fast, and suddenly, ten girls were hollering and enjoying their time together in the pool.  Lucky for you, your bedroom window faced the backyard and gave a perfect view to all the girls, especially your sister and her puffy, pink nipples.  Now, with her bikini drenched, you could see the shape of her nipples through her bikini and even the shape of her pussy through her bottoms.  Suddenly, the dainty strings of her bikini gave way, and her top fell off.

Puffy, Pink Nipples Exposed, she Ran Inside

She was visibly embarrassed, and you decided this was your chance.  So, you met her inside her bedroom, and comforted her.  She was drenched, bawling, and had her towel tightly wrapped around her.  Next, you joined her on her bed, and wrapped your arms around her.  As you squeezed her tight, it was easy to see down her chest, and peak at those puffy, pink nipples of hers.  Now, your cock swelled, just like your sisters nipples.

Eventually, she calmed down and went back outside.  Then, you claimed your spot back at your bedroom window and continued to stare at your sweet little sister.  As you watched, you stroked your throbbing cock, and imagined blowing your load all over those puffy, pink nipples.  In no time, you exploded in your hand.

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