How Could they Repay you?


You kept their dirty little secret for so long, and because of it, your two sexiest, sluttiest coworkers could fuck each other while at the office.  Their poor husbands were none the wiser.  In fact, nobody knew, except for them, and you.  How could they possibly repay you?  By letting you join, of course.  With a simple written note passed to you before lunch, you knew to meet them in the supply closet; their usual meeting place, while everybody went out for lunch.

Upon opening the door, they greeted you with a warm welcome, and you could feel their voluptuous bodies pressed to yours.  Naturally, your hands slid down their waists, and landed at the smalls of their backs.  Even your pinky slid a little farther, right to the beginning of their plump, juicy asses.  May and Janet always wore the sexiest clothing to the office.  Or maybe it was just their curves that filled out business casual so well.  Either way, they were inviting you into their dirty little secret, and you had no complaints.

It was as much Their Dirty Little Secret as it was Yours!

Before long, the three of you were in the back corner of the supply room.  Out of sight.  They leaned against the wall, and you devoured every inch of their exposed skin with your lips and tongue.  After months of fantasizing about what goes on behind closed doors, you were finally in on their dirty little secret.  More than in, it was your secret now!  You unfastened each of the buttons on their blouses, and watched them pop open.  Already, their tops were ready to burst with the size of their soft, perky breasts underneath.  These sluts didn’t even wear a bra to the office!  Before long, they were moaning for you, and you continued slobbering all over their nipples, making them glisten and shine.

It was time to switch.  May and Janet stripped off the rest of their clothes, and started working on the belt and button of your slacks.  You knew your cock would spring out as soon as they unfastened you.  This was months of the knowledge of this dirty little secret that you finally found yourself in on.  May unzipped you, and the sound of your shaft slapping against her cheek made you all smile with a horny grin.  In no time, May wrapped her lips around your tip, and Janet’s pink lips pressed against your balls.  They each had their tongues sliding up and down your shaft.  They sucked you off so perfectly, and brought you right to the edge.

This Dirty Little Secret would not Start with a Cum Shot

You were determined to fill both of these cheating whores with your cum.  So, up against the wall they went, this time with their backs arches, and their sweet, bald slits on display.  Back and forth you went, taking turns between each pussy.  Both were tight, warm, and dripping wet for you.  These office whores craved some cock, and you were going to be the one to give it to them.  Being a part of this dirty little secret couldn’t be better.  They moaned louder and louder as you continued to thrust into them.  Before long, you were at your edge again.

“Fill us with your cum!”  They begged and begged.  Maybe this dirty little secret wouldn’t be a secret anymore, especially with your coworkers about to arrive back at the office any minute.  You pumped into them faster, eager to bust quickly, in order to let this happen again, and again.  Finally, your first string of cum burst inside Janet.  She felt the warmth of your load so deep inside her.  One final thrust before you pulled out, and put the rest into May.  A look of ecstasy glazed all of your faces, and you gave both of them a thick, sticky creampie.

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