The Day You Discovered She was Cheating


This “dry spell” had lasted months, but being 7 years into your marriage, it was easier to just hope for it’s quick end.  Alas, it was not quick at all.  Until this particular night, when your wife came home from a late shift at work.  One of many late shifts she’d been working as of late.  She always came home looking slightly disheveled, but she always blamed it on the extra stress from the project she was working on.  To your surprise, this was the same night that the months long dry spell came to an end.  It was also the night you discovered your cum filled wife.

With hardly any notice, May began kissing you, and rubbing her perfect, thin fingers across your chest.  It had been so long, her touch felt strange, and her smell even seemed off.  But through the fog of your built up arousal, these thoughts only lingered in the back of your mind.  That is, until your cum filled wife got on top of you, and let her pussy clench around your swelled member.  You felt it instantly.  The creamy, wetness that filled her pussy.  You knew another man had not only been inside her, but left her filled to the brim.

Your Cum Filled Wife Continued

Bouncing on your cock with such enthusiasm, it was hardly time to confront her.  Besides, your cum filled wife felt and looked so amazing as she glided up and down the length of your dick.  It felt heavenly, really.  After months of nothing, you were prepared to do anything for your wife’s love, and love making.  Before long, you filled her with a load of your own, leaving her pussy drenched, and oozing out cum.  She returned to her back, to lay next to you, then whispered in your ear, “eat it.”  Stunned, you returned her gaze, but ultimately made your way down her arched back, and spread legs.

Finally, your head was in between her legs, and your lips were only inches from her pussy.  You gazed up at your cum filled wife, then dove in deep.  Your tongue easily slid between her cum covered lips, and that’s when you tasted it for yourself.  A taste that you’ve never witnessed between your wife’s legs before; another man’s cum.  Somehow, it tasted amazing.  Whether it was the thought that someone else had been here, or her audacity to be so blatant about it, it aroused you to no end.  Tasting this man’s cum inside your wife was otherworldly.

Your Cum Filled Wife Came, Hard

But not for the first time that night, you suspected.  You knew now that she was cheating on you.  But to your surprise, and probably her’s, you loved it.  You loved tasting, and smelling another man on her.  So much so, that you hid from her that you knew her secret.  You let her continue, and before long, it was more than one other man’s load you ate from her.  It became an exciting game for you, to see which of her affairs had left their seed inside your cum filled wife.  Whichever it was, you slurped up their cum and yours happily.  Sometimes, not even cumming inside her yourself.

Your cum filled wife, would return home to you late, and ready to be drank from.  Just the thought of it kept you stiff all day.  Now, when she arrived home, you would immediately take her to the bedroom, and removed her sticky panties.  You ate her out with such enthusiasm that it only pushed her to cheat more.  Although this arrangement isn’t normal, it works for you and your sexy, cheating wife.

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