New York was Where You Called Home



In NY, you lived in one of those “shoe box” style apartments.  The ones where everyone on the same floor shares a communal bathroom.  Now, it may not sound great, but what’s kept you here so long is the fantasies of something happening with your hot neighbor.  Over the years you gathered that her name is May, and the two of you had spoken a few times.  Sometimes about a missing package, or a hello while in the communal hall, but never about the wet, sloppy, fuck fantasies you had about her.


It’s hard not to fantasize about May.  Anytime you run into her, she looks amazing.  Sometimes, she’s coming home from a long day at work, where her business casual skirts really hug her natural curves, or after a run, when her yoga pants and sports bra do the same.  Your favorite though, is every morning when she goes to take a shower.  Her PJ’s consist of a nearly see-through white tank, and a pair of shorts so short you can see the creases of her perfect ass.  Oh how you’d love to have a wet, sloppy, fucking with May.


Your Alarm Woke you from Your Wet, Sloppy, Fuck Fantasies



You have this alarm set at the exact time that May wakes up.  Something about walking down the hall towards the bathroom together has become a sort of routine for you two.  Of course, you let her go first, and imagine the wet, sloppy, fuck the two of you could share, if you were in there with her.  Now, your brain is filled with these thoughts, as you open the door expecting to see her.  This time though, she’s nowhere to be seen.  Bummed of course, but not completely crazed, you continue your own walk to the bathroom.  Maybe it’s for the best, since your fantasies had gotten the best of you, and caused a massive bulge in your pants.


You quickly enter the bathroom, and thoughts of a wet, sloppy, fuck with May come back full force.  You take a seat on the ledge of the bathtub, and pull out your throbbing cock.  Already, it’s leaking with precum, and feels amazing to stroke.  So amazing, that you don’t even hear the door open, and finally glance up to see May in the doorway.  You freeze in your tracks, mid stroke, and wait to see what she’ll say.  Already you’re planning to move out of this building from embarrassment.  But to your surprise, May shuts the door behind her.


Is it Time for that Wet, Sloppy, Fuck?



Suddenly, her eyes turn sultry, and before you know it, it’s her hand wrapped around your cock instead of yours.  She strokes you perfectly, and in no time, has her lips wrapped around your shaft.  It’s hard not to moan as she slobbers over and sucks up your entire cock.  Already, you can feel your balls filling with cum.  Her lips wrap even tighter around your shaft, and she begins to massage your balls with her dainty hands.  Now, you have to stop her, because there’s no way you’re busting in her mouth, and missing your chance at a wet, sloppy, fuck.


So, you pull out of her mouth, and flip her around.   She moans a bit as you press her to the wall, and simultaneously peel her pj shorts off.  This slut has nothing on underneath, and makes it easy for you to slide your member inside her wet, sloppy, fucking pussy.  You thrust your way inside her, until you can feel her cervix up against your tip.  She floods your cock with juices, and after only a few pumps, you’re filling her with your warm, sticky load.

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