RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Hot anonymous sex

Hot Anonymous Sex: Ringing in the New Year Right!

Hot anonymous sex was the perfect way to say hello to the new year My new year w...

Nice sloppy blow job

Nice Sloppy Blow Job: I Give the Best Christmas Presents!

Nothing says have a wonderful holiday like a nice sloppy blow job I have definit...

Naughty Little Girl

Santa’s Watching and I’ve Been a Naughty Little Girl!

It’s hard for a naughty little girl like me to be good all year long It...

Older Married Man

It’s Time To Confess That I’m Having an Affair With an Older Married Man

I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I’m involved with an older married...

Kinky Christmas Party

Kinky Christmas Party: How I Ended Up Handcuffed and Spanked

When I said yes to the invite, I didn’t expect a kinky Christmas party My ...

Secret Sex Tape

Secret Sex Tape: I Caught My Neighbor Watching Me!

I was a participant in a secret sex tape And I had no idea!  My neighbor and I ...

Hockey Game Gang Bang

Hockey Game Gang Bang: I Got My Goal!

Who knew my first game of the season would end in a hockey game gang bang? Okay,...

Daddy's Little Plaything

Daddy’s Little Plaything: I Love Letting Him Have His Way With Me!

Of course, my date wants me to be Daddy’s little plaything And I don’...

Hot Morning Sex

Hot Morning Sex: The Best Part of Waking Up!

I only want to wake up early if it involves hot morning sex It’s true, I&#...

Kinky Halloween Prank

A Kinky Halloween Prank Turned Into Some Naughty Fun!

I had no idea that my night in the woods would turn into a kinky Halloween prank...

Slutty Little Whore

I’m a Slutty Little Whore: It Must Be Halloween!

Nothing says slutty little whore like a Halloween costume! Truth be told, I don&...

Late Night Sexting

Late Night Sexting Had Me All Hot and Bothered!

Who knew an unknown number on my phone would turn into late night sexting? I hav...

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