My college boyfriend’s little brother had the biggest crush on me!

It was my freshman year of college.  And I met my boyfriend the first night there at a fraternity party.  I had a few too many beers that night.  But he was nice enough to walk me home.  I was hoping that he’d want to come up to my dorm room because I knew I would do anything with him that night!  Instead, he was a total gentleman and stopped me after a blowjob.  So naturally, I was determined to fuck him after that.  And quickly, we became a couple.  Chris and I were together all the time.  One day, I went over to his frat house for a quickie before class.  And that’s when I met my boyfriend’s little brother.

Matt was visiting his big brother to check out the school and see if he wanted to go there one day.  He was a junior in high school.  And a total dork.  But the second he laid eyes on me, it was love at first sight for him.  He followed me around like a puppy dog all week.  Sure, it was sweet.  But I wasn’t interested in giving my boyfriend’s little brother a pathetic pity fuck.  I suspect he was still a virgin anyway.  Most of the time, he just stared at my tits.  And would blush a bright red whenever I tried to talk to him.

I thought it might be fun to give my boyfriend’s little brother a show!

So, when Chris was taking a shower, I made myself comfortable in his room.  Matt had a little cot in the corner where he was sleeping that week.  I crawled onto it.  Then I started to play with myself.  I had my tank top lifted and was gently pinching my nipples.  My other hand was sliding my skirt up and teasing my hot wet pussy through my panties.  Soon, I heard the creak of the door opening.  I opened my eyes just long enough to see my boyfriend’s little brother peeking in.  And I could see the bulge in his pants.  So I pulled my panties to the side, letting him get a glance at my juicy cunt, and dipped a finger right inside.  The door opened a little more, and I saw him step in, standing in the corner of the room just watching.

I thought my boyfriend’s little brother was just going to watch me masturbate.

But it got a little more exciting.  I heard the shower stop.  Then Chris walked back into the bedroom, not noticing his little brother was there.  Certainly, he saw what I was doing.  Soon, his towel was on the ground.  And he was on top of me, ripping my tank top off and sucking right on my nipples.  I could see my boyfriend’s little brother still in the corner, watching as his big brother pushed two fingers inside my dripping pussy and started finger fucking me.

I don’t think my boyfriend’s little brother even knew what to do.  His hand was rubbing his crotch almost involuntarily. And his face was bright red, almost embarrassed that he was in this situation, but with no way out.  As Chris pressed his rock-hard cock against my clit, I let out a moan.  And I could see over his shoulder that my boyfriend’s little brother had pulled his cock out and was frantically stroking.  I pushed Chris onto his back so I could straddle him, giving Matt a perfect few of his big brother’s huge cock sliding in and out of my pussy and my tits bouncing up and down.  I was ready for my boyfriend’s little brother to cum all over himself watching his brother fuck me.  And that’s exactly what he did.

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