I was the sexy teen tease no one could resist

That’s right, I was the sexy teen tease who every guy wanted to fuck.  And I made sure to use that to my advantage!  I developed young, going from a flat-chested girl to a curvy teen practically overnight.  Then the boys couldn’t keep their eyes off me.  And it wasn’t just my schoolmates who had crushes on me.  It was also their dads.  And their granddads if I’m being honest.  Once I learned that being a sexy teen tease could get me anything I wanted, I took full advantage of it.

I learned how to use being a sexy teen tease to my advantage

Sure, it was great being the popular girl in school.  The one who got invited to all the parties.  And who always had boys following her around.  But I knew that being a sexy teen tease could get me even more.  So, when I found out I was going to fail my algebra class, I knew exactly what I had to do.

At that time, I was always dressing the part of a sexy teen tease in tiny little skirts and crop tops.  Sometimes, I’d “forget” to wear a bra so everyone could see my perky tits and nipples popping out.  But on that particular day, when I knew I had to convince my algebra teacher to change my grade, I made sure I didn’t have any panties on.  And that I was wearing my shortest skirt.  It only took the tiniest bit of convincing for him to let me stay after class.  After all, I watched the bulge grow in his pants every time he’d look my way during algebra that day.  I guess he noticed I had my legs wide open under my desk.  With my pretty pink pussy showing.

Soon, he had me bent over his desk, my skirt around my waist, and his cock deep inside my pussy, while he whispered in my ear that I was a naughty little girl.  The next thing I knew, I was getting straight As in all my classes!  Turns out, it’s easy to become every teacher’s favorite student when you’re a sexy teen tease.

But I needed more than just good grades

And I knew being a sexy teen tease could get me even more!  So, I set my sights on a new car.  After all, I had just turned 16.  The neighbor next door was always outside washing his fancy sports car.  Soon I began hanging out in the front yard to get his attention.  Sure, he was my dad’s age.  But I knew what I needed.  And I knew how to get it.

When I “accidentally” got locked out of my house, he had no problem letting me come in.  He also had no problem when I pulled his cock out and put it right in my mouth.  Certainly, he couldn’t resist my tight wet pussy when I straddled him and slid his cock into my juicy hole.  But if he didn’t want me to tell anyone that he fucked a sexy teen tease, he was going to have to find a way to keep me quiet.  It didn’t take long before I was driving to school in a new convertible.

And that’s just the beginning.  Think you can resist a sexy teen tease?  Let’s find out!

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