I was a participant in a secret sex tape

And I had no idea!  My neighbor and I are pretty close.  We hang out a lot.  Obviously, we fuck too.  He’s just so convenient.  Two doors down any time I want it?  Sign me up!  But I didn’t realize he was into voyeurism.  And I certainly didn’t know it involved me!  Imagine my surprise when I found out I was in a secret sex tape?

The other night, we were at his apartment

It was a typical night for us.  Drinking beers and chatting.  He is into all kinds of tech stuff that I know nothing about.  He has a drone that he uses to fly around the neighborhood.  Probably peeking in my window now that I think about it.  He was telling me about a new security camera he set up outside to keep an eye on the building’s parking lot.  I was half listening, half thinking about how I wanted to climb on top of him.

Who knew I’d find out about a secret sex tape instead?

I sat down next to him and started rubbing his leg.  Sure, the intricacies of the wiring he had to do for the camera were interesting.  But what was more enticing to me was his huge cock.  So, while I listened to him, I unzipped his pants and pulled it out.  I could still hear him with his dick in my mouth.  He moaned a little as I started licking his cock.  Then he moaned a little louder when I started sucking on his balls.

Next thing I knew we were fucking

I was riding his cock with my dress around my waist and my panties pushed to the side.  He had his hands around my waist squeezing me tight.  Soon, we were both screaming in ecstasy, and I felt his cock throb inside of me as he began to shoot his load in my tight pussy.  Breathless, I pulled myself off of him and laid back on the couch.  It was getting late and I knew I should head back to my place.  I gave him a kiss and told him I’d see him later.  He was already fumbling with the TV remote so I knew he was going to turn something on and pass out in post-orgasmic bliss.  I was halfway down the hall when I realized I’d left my phone there.

And that’s when I caught him watching his secret sex tape

I opened the door and had barely gotten, “Sorry, I left my phone” out of my mouth before my jaw dropped.  There, right on his TV screen, was my ass.  But it wasn’t any naughty photos I’d sent him.  It was my naked ass in my apartment…  with another guy!  He must have set up a camera in my bedroom one night when he was at my place,  without me even knowing!  I had to wonder how many other guys he had seen me with.

I had to admit, the secret sex tape was kind of hot

Truth be told, I have always wanted to be a private porn star.  And the idea that someone wanted to watch me without my knowledge was pretty hot too.  He looked over at me sheepishly, gauging my reaction.  In awe, I just kept looking at the screen.  It looked like a date I had over the other night, and if I remembered correctly, it was going to be a hot show!  So, I came back over to the couch and started watching.  Right as my date began to slide his finger down my ass crack.

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