I only want to wake up early if it involves hot morning sex

It’s true, I’m a night owl.  Mornings for me are about sleeping in and lounging in bed for as long as I can. And, of course, hot morning sex!  There is no better way to wake up than having someone next to you.  Especially when they wake you up by caressing your body.  Or kissing your neck.  Or their face buried right in between your legs.  Even better, for me, a hard throbbing cock pressing right against my ass.

I let my date sleep over last night but didn’t know he loved hot morning sex like I do

We had a pretty wild night.  We drove up the coast to check out a new restaurant.  I was feeling naughty like always on the way home.  So, I took his cock out while he was driving.  And treated him to a blow job while he navigated the way back to my place.  Once we got there, we were all over each other.  And fully exhausted after we had fucked three times.  So, I figured I’d let him stay over.  Maybe he’d sneak out in the morning.  Or maybe he’d be into some hot morning sex.

I was in luck!

I woke up earlier than he did the next morning.  Thinking it would be nice, I let him sleep while I slipped out of bed.  I went into the kitchen and made some coffee.  At least when he woke up, he’d having something to help energize him.  I was standing at the sink looking out the window enjoying my coffee when I felt him come up behind me.  And press his hard cock right against my backside.  He slid his hands around my waist.  Immediately, he put them down the front of my panties.  I wondered if there would be hot morning sex for us.  Or if he was just teasing me.

As his fingers slipped into my pussy, I knew my answer

There was no way I wasn’t going to have him.  Right then and there.  I needed that hot morning sex!  He slowly slid his fingers in and out of my pussy.  And he could feel how wet I already was.  I leaned back against him as his other hand moved up my stomach and started squeezing my tits.  As I tilted my head to the side, he leaned over and bit the side of my neck.  Which of course made my pussy clench right around his fingers.

I needed hot morning sex, and I needed it then

I turned around and hopped up on the edge of the sink, my legs wrapping around his waist and pulling him close.  He pushed my panties to the side and took the head of his cock and rubbed it right between my pussy lips.  His hard cock was glistening in the morning sun, which was shining through the windows.  I didn’t know if it was pre-cum or just my pussy juices already coating him.  With one quick shove, he pushed his cock deep inside of my wet pussy.  He held my hips and started fucking me nice and hard.  Right there on the kitchen counter.  He leaned forward and sucked on my nipple as I grabbed the back of his hair with one hand and pulled him closer.

My day was getting off to the right start

He started thrusting faster into me.  And I started moaning louder.  His big cock felt so good!  He gripped his hands around my ass and gave one final shove.  Then, I could feel his cock throb inside of me.  And his creamy cum filled my pussy.  As he pulled his dick out of me, I handed him his cup of coffee.  And then suggested that we go back to bed.

Want to start your morning off right with some hot phone sex?  I’ll be waiting!