I’ll never forget my very first sugar daddy

I got my first job right after my 16th birthday.  Daddy really wanted me to grow up and start earning my own money.  And I knew not to disobey him.  So I applied to be a barista at the local coffee shop.  But this wasn’t just your regular coffee place, I was a bikini barista.  Lucky for me, I had started developing when I was just a young girl.  By the time I was a teen, I had nice perky big tits.  They barely fit into the bikini tops I wore.  Needless to say, I was making pretty good tips my first week there.  All the guys liked me.  Especially one older man who came in every day.  I had no idea that he was going to be my very first sugar daddy.  But I loved that he always slipped me a $50 bill when I handed him his coffee.

My very first sugar daddy sought me out

One day, I was walking home from work.  It was a sultry summer day.  And I was so hot!  I hadn’t even bothered to change after work.  I had on my bikini top and a tiny pair of jean shorts.  Obviously, lots of people were beeping as they drove by.  But one car in particular slowed down and pulled in front of me.  It was the older man from work!  He looked so distinguished outside of the coffee shop.  His silver hair glistened in the sun.  The wrinkles around his eyes were prominent against his tan skin.  He had to be at least my grandfather’s age.  I wasn’t expecting him to be my very first sugar daddy.  But when he told me to hop in the car and come back to his place to swim in his pool, I was all for it!

When we got to his place, I was awestruck.  He was rich!  His house was huge.  There was a big, sparkling pool in the back.  Soon, I was pulling my shorts off.  And I dove right in.  He was sitting on the edge of the pool when I resurfaced.  I swam over to the side, and he ran his fingers along my face, pushing my wet hair back.  Then he told me his story.  He was all alone in that big house.  And he craved company.  Specifically, my company.  I listened as he told me how it would be worth my while, how he’d shower me with gifts and money, and anything a young girl like me could want.  That’s how he became my very first sugar daddy.

I spent every day that summer with my very first sugar daddy

Soon, I was spending every afternoon after work in his pool.  And draining my very first sugar daddy of all his money.  But I wasn’t totally selfish.  Lately, I’d taken to skinny dipping in his pool.  I let my very first sugar daddy drool over my tight teen body.  I’d float around on a raft with my legs spread, letting him see my tight little pussy.  And I’d rub my wet hands all over my firm tits and watch his eyes get big as my nipples hardened.

And one day, after he slipped a thousand dollars into my purse, I decided to show my very first sugar daddy some appreciation.  I took his hands and placed them right on my bare tits.  I thought for a moment he was going to have a heart attack.  But he just gave them a gentle squeeze.  Then I reached down and unzipped his pants.  For being quite older, my very first sugar daddy had a cock that was hard and ready.  I slid back onto the lounge chair and spread my legs wide.  He dove right in between and started licking my barely legal pussy.  Soon, I was squirting all over his face.  And when he slipped another hundred dollar bill into my hand, I let him slide his dick inside of me.

I knew my very first sugar daddy certainly wasn’t going to be my last.  Now I’m always looking for a man to spoil me.  Is it you?

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