I always had suspicions about the pervert next door

The day I was moving into my building, I met the pervert next door.  He was sitting on his porch, watching me move things in from my car.  I suppose I couldn’t blame him for sneaking a peek.  It was a hot day.  So I was only wearing a crop top and a tiny pair of jean shorts.  But he just sat there staring at me for hours while I moved my belongings into the building.  And I could see he was fidgeting with the crotch of his pants.  Right there out in the open.  It wasn’t until I was pulling the last box from the trunk that he stood up and walked to the edge of the porch.  And whistled at me.

Naturally, I responded in disgust.  I didn’t want some pervert next door trying to creep on me.  He yelled over that his name was Carl.  And he was so happy to have a pretty young thing moving into the neighborhood.  I rolled my eyes and went inside.

Of course, that’s when I realized that my bedroom window faced the pervert next door

As I was putting things away, I glanced out the window.  And saw the pervert next door standing in his bedroom, waving at me.  Just my luck!  Quickly, I closed the curtains.  But I couldn’t keep them closed forever.  Maybe I should have asked my landlord if there was a pervert next door before I moved in.  Because this was just the beginning.

Every day, any time I was in my bedroom, the pervert next door was in his.  He would leave his blinds up and the lights on so I could see exactly what he was doing.  If he wasn’t staring out the window into my apartment, he was watching porn.  He definitely had a porn watching obsession.  And he didn’t try to hide the fact that he always was jerking off his pervert dick.  I couldn’t even count the number of times I saw that flaccid cock being abused by his hand.

He would even watch me when I had guys over

With binoculars no less.  That’s right, the pervert next door would stand by the window, binoculars in one hand and the other hand wrapped around his dick, and watch me fuck guys in my bedroom.  I’d be on all fours, getting pounded by an amazing cock.  And when I’d open my eyes, I’d have to see the pervert next door looking in.  Sometimes I’d look over right when he came all over himself.  Fucking pathetic.

Finally, I gave up trying to avoid the pervert next door.  If he wanted a show, I’d give it to him.  I had guys come over and fuck me right against the window so the pervert next door could see my bare ass pressed against the glass.  Other times, I’d stand right in front of the window with my vibrator and fuck myself.  Soon, I wasn’t even bothering to close the curtains.  And I’d let him see me walk around my bedroom naked.  Always with his hand wrapped around his pervert loser dick gawking at me.

What about you?  Are you the kind of guy who would watch?  Are you the dirty pervert next door?

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