Are you looking for a young sex slave, sir?

Then you’ve come to the right place. I promise I will be the most obedient young sex slave you could ever want. See, I’m already down on my knees in front of you. Please, sir, let me show you what a good little slut I can be. I know I look very young. But that’s even better for you. Because I willingly will listen and learn from everything you teach me. You can mold me into the perfect young sex slave that you can keep forever. Would you consider me, sir? Pretty please? I promise I won’t disappoint you.

I will do anything my master tells me to

That’s right, master. Anything and everything you want. I will obey you and only you. A young sex slave like me is so eager to please. I will never talk back to my owner. Put a leash on me like a dog. I will happily follow behind you on all fours. I worship you, master. Let me lick your dirty shoes until they shine. Is your cock hard, master? Why don’t you just grab the back of my head and shove that dick in my mouth so I can please you? I won’t complain at all. I will just take that throbbing cock and gag on it until tears spill down my face. Then I will clean you right up. And lick every drop of cum off of you, swallowing it all the way down. Let me show you what a fine young sex slave I am.

Do you have your eye on that pretty little thing next door? I saw her get off the bus too, master. With her sweet angelic face and blonde pigtails, I could see how you might want her as a plaything. Not only am I a young sex slave, sir, but I also am a willing accomplice. Would you like me to talk to her? She’ll trust me like a big sister. I could invite her over. And I don’t mind holding her down while you have your way with her. If anything were to happen to her, it would be our secret.

Or maybe you want to share your young sex slave with friends, master?

I want to make you proud. Let me show your friends what a good young sex slave I am. You can keep me in the cage until they arrive, master. I don’t mind. And I will spread my legs wide. So they can fill any and every hole they want. In fact, if they want to just pass me around, that is okay too. Perhaps I’ll just get on all fours again and they can cover me with their seed. Don’t worry, master, I will use my tongue to clean up any mess that is made on the floor. And maybe if I show you what a good submissive slut I am, you will have your way with me too? Of course, I am yours to do whatever you wish.

So will you consider having me as your young sex slave, sir?

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