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true life sex story

True Life Sex Story; Having The Best Sex With A Married Man

A True Life Sex Story Recently I moved to a newer, fairly upscale community. The...

Casey loves to tell an oral sex story

Oral Sex Story; We Can’t Get Enough Of Each Other

I Have Always Loved Oral Sex We all have our perfect match sexually, and I met m...

C.J. is great at cheating girlfriend phonesex

Cheating Girlfriend; His Friend Made My Vacation So Much Better

His Friend Made My Vacation So Much Better Recently my boyfriend and I went on v...


GFE Story; Each Call With Him Is An Adventure In Sensuality

He Is The Sexiest GFE Caller Many callers love a good GFE story, and it’s ...

Casey Can tell you a hot forced bi story

Forced Bi Story; If You Want To Do Me You Have To Do Him First

I Was Supposed To Set Up A Forced Bi Story This guy I know at work has a thing f...

CJ loves calls about medical fetish

Medical Fetish; Playing Doctor Was Never So Much Fun

He Had A Medical Fetish My boyfriend has always had kind of medical fetish. He w...

Casey can tell a sensual GFE story

GFE Story; Making It Special For Him In Every Way

I Wanted To Make It Special For Him A GFE story is usually a romantic and sensua...

C.J. has a medical fetish

Medical Fetish; I Have A Need To See The Doctor Often

A Medical Fetish Is A Bit Unusual Some people have a medical fetish, I am one of...

Casey tells the best sex stories

Sex Stories; Sexiest Treats For The Naughtiest Teens

Naughty Sex Stories Are Always The Best We all have several naughty sex stories,...

Casey can tell a sexy milf story

Sexy Milf Story;He Was Young, Cute And Was My Fantasy Come To Life

He Was Young And Cute And All Mine I was recently house-sitting for some well-to...

7 months ago
Casey loves a SPH story

SPH Story; I Had No Idea That He Had A Pathetic Wee Wee

I couldn’t Believe How Small It Was If you’ve dated enough men, you ...

Casey loves a spanking fetish

Spanking Fetish; He Had A Spanking Fetish And It Turned Me On

I Never Dated A Man Into Spanking Fetish Before Until recently, I’d never ...

8 months ago

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