He Wanted A Good Spanking

My boyfriend had asked me if I’d ever been into spanking not long after we met. I said not too much but was open to trying new things. I of course assumed he wanted to spank me. However, I was soon told he was the one who craved to be spanked. I pondered this for a moment but told him I was fine with that. In fact, I thought it might even be fun. I said he was now being kept on a demerit system and he’d be punished by me accordingly. He seemed to like the idea.

He Won’t Be Getting Dessert Tonight

Later that evening, he brought home the wrong cut of meat I’d asked for at the store. When he protested and said they were sold out, I told him he simply could have gone to another store. His jaw dropped. I said not only was he not getting dessert; he was going to get a spanking. He almost looked afraid when bedtime came and I told him to bend over the bed. I took the large wooden hairbrush I used to brush my hair every night in my hand and smiled. He knew immediately it had his name on it.

His Ass Was Very Red

I thought you want to be spanked, I’ll spank you but good. I leaned over and drew my arm back and really let his ass have it. And I was kind of shocked at how much I enjoyed doling out punishment for him. I felt a bit guilty with the improvement of my mood in inflicting pain upon him. I gave him six sharp strikes, and he had a red ass when I was finished with him. He said he didn’t know I’d take to it so easily. I replied I didn’t either. The next day he still had marks on him from the spanking. A few days later, he forgot to pick up my dry cleaning on the way home from work. This too would require a punishment later that night.

Spanking Became A Ritual

I tried a bare bottom spanking this time, and he seemed to like the idea. I told him to bend over my knee while I sat on the edge of the bed.  And I couldn’t hit him as hard with my hand as when I had a spanking implement like the brush. I could feel his cock growing hard on my thighs as I draped him over. I commented on this fact as I gave him ten smacks for the forgotten dry cleaning. And I told him I needed that dress he was to have picked up for work tomorrow. Because of his thoughtlessness, I’d need to choose something else. He deserved every smack he got.

I Knew He Needed It Bad

He said the spanking had made him horny and did he have permission to masturbate? I thought it over for a moment and decided to allow it. He sat on the edge of the bed and began to stroke his already hard and throbbing cock. I watched him intently. He moved his hand up and down the dripping shaft and told me he’d loved the feel of my spanking him. He said he’d not been so aroused in a while. I said I was happy to spank him when he felt he needed it, and when I felt he needed it.

It Was My Turn To Cum

After he shot his load, he asked me if I’d like to cum as well and I said I would, yes. He got on his back and told me to sit on his face and he began to lick my pussy. I was dripping a bit already from having watched him masturbate. His tongue caressed my stiff clit, and I grabbed the headboard to steady myself. I loved getting eaten out in this position.

The Spanking Took It Up A Notch

It made my clit stick out and he could lick it so thoroughly and pleasingly. He grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them as he just buried his face in my cunt. Sucking my clit until I was sure to cum all over his face. I bucked back and forth and rubbed my pussy all over his face. And  I smeared his face with my fragrant wetness. I cried out in orgasm as he licked and sucked me to my zenith. Yes, this spanking had taken things up a notch to a different level, and I liked it.

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